Cuban Cigars: A Sign of Political Influence and Power

Cuban Cigars: A Sign of Political Influence and Power


Cuban Cigars are widely considered as a symbol of prestige and influence. From strong political figures to contemporary artists, smoking cigars has always been an act of social esteem and power. With that been said, in today’s post we explore the interpretation of cigars as a sign of influence - looking at inspiring political figures who are widely known for their love and appreciation for Cuban cigars.

CIGARS AND POLITICS – Politics, a game of influence and tactics, has always been intertwined with the cigars industry. Great men and great cigars have been sharing a strong connection since the moment that King Edward VII delivered his famous proclamation in 1901. As we have learnt from avid smokers and political figures Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and Fidel Castro - cigar smoking reflects intellectuality, determination, and high social prestige.



THE CHURCHILL INFLUENCE - The man who nourished England with his courageous battlefield tactics, political bravery, and prolific writing is well known for his exquisite taste in food and drink but, most importantly, for his love for Cuban cigars. Smoking eight to ten cigars a day, Winston Churchill was a true cigar aficionado. Being a fan of the Romeo Y Julieta brand, the influential man allowed his name to be printed upon the band after World War 2. Aged for eleven years and capable of producing very complex and rich flavours, the Vintage Romeo Y Julieta Churchills (MAS OCT 08) Cigar balances an aromatic mixture of tobacco leaves cultivated at the prominent Vuelta Abajo region - a perfect puro that carries a longstanding history.

winston churchill smoking cuban cigars EGM Cigars

Winston Churchill smoking his favourite Churchills cigars


KENNEDY’S EMBARGO - Talking of inspiring politicians with great social influence, John F Kennedy was a strong yet inspiring political figure - but also an avid Cuban cigars smoker. Like any other president of the United States, Kennedy could acquire anything he’d desire. Particularly, the 35th president, just 24 hours before signing an embargo banning any Cuban products from entering the country, had his secretary round up 1,000 of his favourite Petit H. Upmann Cigars. Being successful on his quest, Kennedy’s secretary, Pierre Salinger, managed to collect over 1,200 cigars – fulfilling the president's desire.

With his favourite Cuban cigars right next to him, Kennedy signed the embargo prohibiting Cuban tobacco from entering America - an order that stays active to this day. Equally excellent in flavour with Kennedy’s Petit Upmann cigar, the H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar is capable of delivering a light to medium profile, making it a very popular choice amongst cigar smokers who want to leisurely enjoy a Regular Production puro but have less than an hour to smoke it.

john f kennedy smoking a cuban cigar john f kennedy lighting a habano EGM Cigars

Left: John F. Kennedy smoking a cigar, Right: John F. Kennedy lighting a Habano


CASTRO AND CIGARS – Strong willed and world-widely known as the man who ruled Cuba with an iron fist for 40 years, the name Fidel Castro is synonymous with Cuban cigars. Since the time when Castro and the rebels were plotting how to topple the Batista regime, the only time the man wasn’t smoking a cigar was when he simply ran out of them. Usually lighting his last smoke only to celebrate a victory or console himself over a setback, one of Castro’s favourite puros was the Cohiba Coronas Especiales Cigar. Slim and with a medium to full profile, the Especiales Cigar offers a classic Cohiba combination of aromas - a favourite amongst cigar aficionados.

fidel castro smoking a Habano Fidel Castro lighting a cigar during a meeting with Khrushchev, Kremlin, 1963

Left: Fidel Castro smoking a Habano, Right: Fidel Castro lighting a cigar during a meeting with Khrushchev in Kremlin, 1963

Whether it’s just a pleasant diversion or an ingrained habit, cigar smoking has always been a symbol of intellectuality, social prestige, and political power. Almost inseparable from a cigar, many notable politicians are avid cigar aficionados – sharing a special bond with the cigars industry. Why not learn more about Habanos and our selection of Cuban Cigars for sale online from our latest blog posts.

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