How to Get a Good Night's Sleep: Luxury Products

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep: Luxury Products

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According to global statistics, the world is suffering from a lack of sleep. Being able to awake on your own accord has become as luxurious as flying First Class with Emirates. The news relentlessly tells us about the numerous health risks associated with those not sleeping the recommended 8 hours. But the advice to help is often cliché and not pratical to a technology-obsessed society – not using our phones before bed is not always possible. With that said, there are some luxury products on the market to try, to improve the quality of a good night’s sleep.

IT STARTS WITH WHAT YOU SLEEP ON – A good quality mattress is at the heart of your sleeping matters. Lying on a bad mattress can cause skeletal muscular problems and disrupt sleep quality. Many opt to spend anywhere up to a thousand, though others lavishly splurge anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000. The brand Kluft, crafts mattresses by hand using the finest, natural and modern fabrics around the world. They class themselves unmatched in durability. When it comes to posture however, Duxiana mattresses are designed to distribute weight evenly and keep you in the correct sleeping position until you awake. When figuring out what makes a comfortable mattress, it's crucial to decide your sleeping concerns. If for example, you suffer from allergies, choosing foam or latex is worthwhile due to being resistant to dust mites and mould.

"Technology is catching up"

WHAT YOUR HEAD RESTS ON – If you expect your pillow to be comfortable enough for you to rest your head on – you’re not expecting much. Zeeq Smart Pillow has a smart alarm, sleep analysis, wireless music, snore alarm and a music sleep timer. A built in microphone detects snoring – if you snore, the pillow will vibrate to encourage you to move without waking up, and your natural sleep movements are recorded, so the pillow can wake you up at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle. The pillow also contains removable memory foam clusters for you to adjust and is made with tencel fabric which naturally prevents bacteria.

RECOVERY WEAR OVER PYJAMAS – There was a time when silk pyjamas and cashmere were the epitome of luxury. In 2018, more and more people are becoming fitness concerned, and technology is catching up. The brand Under Armour have created Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. They use a print technology on the inside of clothing which harnesses Far Infrared – energy that has several benefits for the human body, and absorbs the body’s natural heat and puts energy back into the skin. They say this helps your body recover faster and promotes better sleep. There are sleepwear options for both men and women, from shorts, shirts, jumpsuits and tanks.

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Top Left: Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D, Bottom Left: Phillips Hue Phoenix LED Downlight, Right: Somnox Robotic Cuddling Pillow


ALARM CLOCKS WITH LIGHTS – Alarm clocks are a retro product signally a period where mobile phones were the size of telephones and had aerials attached. The brand lumie nevertheless, produce alarm clocks with light therapy. The actual company use light therapy for a range of issues, such as treating acne and perinatal depression. The Bodyclock Luxe collection uses light to help you unwind – a fading sunset for relaxation and low-blue light feature for bedtime lighting, and additionally has speakers and a USB port for charging phones. Smart light bulbs are another idea to consider. Phillips Hue lights will help you to wake up better, by gradually increasing light intensity – mimicking natural sunlight, and will help you prepare for bed by using a soft white light in the evening.

A ROBOTIC CUDDLE – Not officially ready to order just yet (pre-ordering is available), while your pillow for your head is filled with technology, the pillow you cuddle with is also robotic. Somnox Robotic Cuddling Pillow cuddles you as though a loving sleeping companion and will help regulate your breathing as you fall to sleep. Additionally, audio can play, from lullabies, meditation and heartbeats – you are able nonetheless to upload your own preferences.

If these gadgets don’t take your fancy, there’s always the choice to find alternative ways to settle down before bed. Maybe a larger dosage of hot chocolate, or a bath filled with bubbles. Or, to really exhale and release after a stressful day, there’s a premium, extravagant item known as a Cuban Cigar. In the words of Mark Twain:

“If heaven has no cigars, I shall not go there”

In the words of EGM Cigars, if an evening ritual has no Cuban Cigars, it will not be our ritual. To our Cigar connoisseurs – we have new cigars for sale. The Romeo y Julieta Tacos Cigar is 2018 limited and is guaranteed to ease you along your evening.