How to: Pair Food and Cigars

How to: Pair Food and Cigars

Any aficionado will know that there’s something incredibly relaxing about a post-meal smoke. Much like pairing a cigar with a coffee or whiskey – there are certain elements you should consider whilst choosing your post-meal Cuban cigar. The end goal is to enhance the flavours that you experience from your cigar and your tasty food. So, we’re here today to help you master the art of pairing cigars and food. 

FOOD AND CIGARS – As we mentioned, there is a crucial element to consider when you're choosing your cigar – that is the fact that you want the food and the cigar to match is some kind of way. Remember that cigars can leave strong flavours in your mouth and sometimes they linger for hours. If you combine two flavours that do not complement each other – you’ve got a problem on your hands. The main priority is for the food and the cigar to work hand in hand!

Petit Corona Cigar Sampler. egm

Our Petit Corona Sampler.


TO START – Although many like to round-off their meal with a good old smoke – we know that everyone is different. Some aficionados enjoy a cigar in-between their dinner courses. Mediterranean inspired dishes containing lighter bites such as olives, cheese and smoked meats, make the ideal food types to start your cigar pairing journey with! For dishes such as this one, you need a cigar that will bring out the smoky, salty flavours. A Petit Corona cigar will be your go-to, as you’ll need a shorter smoke. You should try our Petit Corona Sampler and experiment with your taste buds. 

Bolivar Royal Coronas.egm

The Bolivar Royal Coronas.


MEATY MEALS – We’re sure many of you enjoy a lovely cut of steak or tender slow-roasted lamb every once in a while – our mouths are watering just thinking about it! With winter approaching, there is nothing better than an excellent meaty meal to warm you up on a cold evening. There is one rule when it comes to this match – if you are indulging in a top-quality cut of steak, pair it with a premium cigar. You need the two to work together – the last thing you want one to fall inferior to the other! Could you think of a better pair for a full-bodied cigar, than a meaty meal? We didn’t think so! The Bolivar Royal Coronas and a premium-cut of steak would make a match made in heaven.  

Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos.egm


ALL THINGS SWEET – Now, a cigar may not be the best pair with a dessert – so usually it’s better to replace your dessert with a smoke. However, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy a few treats while puffing on a stick. Aficionados commonly enjoy some dark chocolate – as the bitterness helps compliment the flavours of the cigar. Or you could opt for some almonds to balance the smoky undertone. The choice really is yours! The Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos is one of our sweeter options from our Cuban cigar shop – making it the ideal pair for a sweet treat. 

So, that is our guide to pairing food and cigars. Please to consider that everyone will enjoy these combinations differently, as boils down to personal preference. We’d love to know your favourite cigar and food combinations! If you need to stock up, then check out our range of cigars for sale online. For more Cuban cigar guides, head over to our Cuban cigar blog: