International Coffee Day: The Best Cuban Cigars to Pair with Coffee

International Coffee Day: The Best Cuban Cigars to Pair with Coffee

Today is a very special day aficionados. Today is the day that we celebrate our love to the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. The thing that makes our day great and productive. That thing is Coffee. Yes, aficionados, it is International Coffee Day. We can hear the cheers and celebrations from here. Why are we so excited you ask? Well, it’s no secret that pairing Cuban cigars with a good old cup of coffee – gives you a match made in heaven! What better way to celebrate this day other than doing just that? Today, we shall be giving you our recommended smokes from our Cuban cigar shop to pair with coffee.

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INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY – As much as we are excited to sit back and relax with a warm cup of coffee in one hand and a Cuban in the other – there’s a deeper meaning to this day. The International Coffee Organisation created this day to highlight the struggle that coffee farmers go through. Although coffee prices are high as ever – the farmers cut in their product is as low as ever. Did you know it is estimated that 3 billion cups of coffee are consumed a day? On average the farmers will only receive 3USD for 1 cup of coffee. We need to help the coffee crisis and help these farmers get their livelihood back. So, head over to the International Coffee Organisation’s website and sign their #coffeepledge. You can help make a difference! 


WHY THEY WORK SO WELL – All of our cigars for sale online come from the best cigar-producing country in the world – Cuba. They’re renowned as being the best in the market. Cuba is also commended for its great coffee – this is another product that people feel is the best in the market. It’s down to the perfect conditions that Cuba has for the elements to thrive. These two products put together make a unique pairing. You cannot beat the combination of a premium cigar and a quality cup of coffee – the flavour delivered is fantastically balanced. They complement and enhance each other perfectly. 

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3 TOP CIGARS TO PAIR WITH COFFEE – Here is our simple guide to creating the perfect pair. The main thing to remember is that balance is the key. You shouldn’t overpower one with the other. You want there to be similarities between the two – obviously in their strengths, but their flavours too. So, if you have a mild and sweet cigar, a lightly roasted coffee is the order to-go to. And vice versa if you have a full-bodied smoke. If you are still unsure, don’t fret – we have it covered. Here are our recommended Cuban cigars online that go great with a coffee: 

Montecristo No.3 Cigar.egm

The Montecristo No.3 Cigar. 


MONTECRISTO NO.3 – This smoke is fitting for both experienced and unexperienced aficionados. The Montecristo is known for its consistently good draw. It delivers a medium-strength smoke – with mocha coffee and smoked wood flavours. At a length of 142mm and ring gauge 42 – it’s a great pair for a coffee. A creamy coffee, like a latte would be the best!

Partagas Lusitanias cigar.egm

The Partagas Lusitanias Cigar. 


PARTAGAS LUSITANIAS – This Partagas is known to be one of the most popular double coronas! It measures at a lengthy 192mm with a ring gauge 49. It certainly packs a punch – as you can expect a rich and intense smoke from this stick. It starts soft with sweet, floral notes – progressing onto leather, cedar and almond flavours. It’s full-body makes it a great match with a black coffee. 

Cohiba Behike 52.egm


COHIBA BEHIKE 52 – Every aficionado know that this Cohiba has a reputation - a good one at that! It’s enjoyed by many, which has led to the widely agreed opinion that it’s one of the best Cubans to of ever been made. It measures at 119mm with a ring gauge 52 and features a medium to full flavour profile. You can expect nothing but smooth aromas from this smoke – think woody, earthy flavours with a hint of coffee. 

There you have it: 3 cigars that go great with a cup of coffee. If you're desperate for more Cuban cigar trivia, then check out our Cuban cigar blog: