How to: Smoke a Cigar Whilst Getting Things Done

How to: Smoke a Cigar Whilst Getting Things Done

We all have flashbacks of our Grandfather puffing away on a Cuban cigar whilst working out in the yard, getting his daily chores done. Or if not you cannot deny the admiration you have for Clint Eastwood carrying his sidekick-smoke in his mouth no matter what he’s up to. They just make it look so easy, don’t they? Well, aficionados, let us tell you smoking on a cigar and getting jobs done is by no means easy! This is the kind of thing that only avid cigar smokers should try or if you simply do not have 1 or 2 hours to spare in your day. So, here are some simple tips to follow if you want to enjoy a good old smoke whilst getting your daily jobs done. 

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PROCEED WITH CAUTION – As we’ve said, this is not something that comes naturally to the best of people. So, before we jump into our top tips – let us give you some cautions you should be aware of:

  • You may ruin your smoke as if you are focusing too much on your job you could puff on the cigar too quickly. This will then result in the cigar overheating – and there you have it, a tragically lost cigar. 

Romeo y Julieta Cigar Ashtray. egm

The Romeo y Julieta Ashtray.

  • You could cause a mess with the ash. You're going to need to put your ash somewhere, but if your busy completing tasks you may just have to flick it on the floor. If your outside, then you’re good to go. But if your inside, it may be worth keeping a cigar ashtray nearby to save the mess. 


TOP TIPS – If you simply do not have the time to sit back and relax with your smoke, then here are some simple tips to follow – whilst you're going about your daily jobs:

H Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar.egm

The H.Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar.

  • TIP 1 – Go with a smaller ring gauge when picking your Cuban cigars online. As your hands will be occupied, it’s assumed that you’ll have the smoke wedged in your mouth for quite some time. This can be fairly uncomfortable, so you should go with a slimmer cigar – then it’ll sit in your mouth more comfortably. The likes of the H.Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar or the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 Cigar would be good picks.

  • TIP 2 – First and foremost, you should breathe through your nose. If you breathe with your mouth you could accidentally swallow a bunch of smoke and we all know how that feels! So, it helps a lot to be aware of your breathing.

  • TIP 3 – Back with the breathing – you should schedule your breathing with your puffing. Think of it this way: if you exhale out of your nose whilst your exhaling the smoke, it leaves you free to inhale through your nose whilst you're inhaling the cigar. Although it does require a bit of practice, this sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 egm

The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 Cigar.

  • TIP 4 – Do not overheat your smoke. It’s easy to do when you're focusing on something else. To prevent this from happening make sure you don’t puff on the cigar too much. Keep it down to one or two puffs every minute. Do not fear the cigar going out, you can simply relight it and it’ll still taste good. Whereas, overheating the smoke will ruin it – so go with the safer option. 

So, aficionados – if you're struggling to find the time to sit down and appreciate a good old smoke, you now have an alternative. As we’ve said many times, this is not something that comes naturally and it will take some practice. If you can find the time to relax with a stick, then please do so – they’re there to be appreciated. If you need to stock up on some smokes, we sell a range on our Cuban cigar shop. If you want to dive deeper into the world of Habanos – check out our Cuban cigar blog