Business to Brunch: 4 Quick Smokes You Need to Try

Business to Brunch: 4 Quick Smokes You Need to Try

The hustle and bustle of life nowadays means that many of us are on-the-go for much of our time. Many Cuban cigars are simply meant for a time of relaxation and need a good amount of time to enjoy. We know that this can be impractical at times. Many aficionados are busy jumping from meeting or attending lunches with clients – so you need something that takes up a little less time. After all, there’s nothing quite like a quick relaxing smoke before jumping back into work. So, here are 4 quick smokes that you need to try!

H Upmann Half Corona Cigar.egm

The H.Upmann Half Corona Cigar.

H. UPMANN HALF CORONA CIGAR – First on the list is a great smoke from H.Upmann Cigars. The Half Corona cigar is certainly on the smaller size of life – measuring at 90mm by a 44 ring gauge. It provides a light-medium bodied smoke, with flavours such as earthy and leather. You can get through this smoke in about 20 minutes, making it the ideal pairing for your lunchtime needs. 

Montecristo Media Corona Cigar. egm

The Montecristo Media Corona Cigar.

MONTECRISTO MEDIA CORONA CIGAR – We’re sure this Montecristo has been tried and loved by many of you aficionados – as it’s an extremely popular stick from the brand. It packs medium-full flavour, delivering nutty, earthy, coffee notes. It measures at 90mm by a 44 ring gauge – lasting at around 20 minutes. This smoke is perfect for those of you who are very short for time.  

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto Cigar.egm

The Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto Cigar.

HOYO DE MONTERREY PETIT ROBUSTO CIGAR – This smoke from Hoyo de Monterrey is another popular choice among aficionados. It holds a light-body, delivering salty, nutty and woody flavours. It measures a 102mm by a 50 ring gauge – providing a burn time of around 30 minutes. It’s shorter burn time and lighter flavour makes it the ideal smoke for all you busy folk. 

Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar.egm

The Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar.

COHIBA MADURO 5 MAGICOS CIGAR – Just because you have to cut your smoking time short, doesn’t mean you have to cut down the flavour of your smoke. These Cohiba Cigars provide you with a full-bodied smoke, during the shorter time they burn for. Measuring at 115mm by a 52 ring gauge, these smokes provide you with around 25-30 minutes of smoking time. Expect great flavours, as they deliver sweet, chocolate and coffee flavours.

So, now you’re covered for your next big meeting! Head over to our Cuban cigar shop to stock up on these quick-smokes. If you need more help with picking the right cigars, we have plenty of helpful guides on our Cuban cigar blog: