Hunters & Frankau Announces House Reserve Collector's Humidor

Hunters & Frankau Announces House Reserve Collector's Humidor

Monday was full of surprises for the fans of habanos in the UK. During an industry event at The Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotel in Portman Square, Hunters and Frankau, the official distributor of Cuban Cigars for the UK, presented for the first time the El Rey del Mundo La Reina, the new Edicion Regional for the British market, as well as House Reserve, a collection comprised of the most sought after Cuban cigars aged for up to fifteen years.


HUNTERS & FRANKAU - Founded in 1790, Hunters & Frankau was the first to introduce Cuban Cigars in Britain. Since then, the number of cigar smokers in the UK started growing rapidly year after year, making Hunters & Frankau the most trustworthy establishment to provided aficionados with the opportunity to spoil themselves with the Best Cuban Cigars on the market. Today, Hunters and Frankau is the one true official distributor of habanos for the English market and is, no doubt, an authority figure on the cigar world.


HOUSE RESERVE HUMIDOR - Every year for the last century, Hunters & Frankau was wise enough to store a few boxes of our favourite cigars for ageing, from lustful Cohibas to irresistible Bolivars. Today, these cigars constitute Hunters and Frankau House Reserve, an exceptional collection of well-aged cigars. In particular, the habanos distributors announced that only 5,000 of these cigars will be released annually, under the Rare and Aged banner or in specially designed humidors. On top of the ageing, some of these cigars have additional noteworthy characteristics which can be distinguished into three categories; first releases, discontinued lines, or Limited, Regional, and Reserve editions.

hunters and frankau house reserve with aged and rare cuban cigars egm cigars

Hunters and Frankau House Reserve collection is comprised of aged rare Cuban cigars.


1790 SERIES - Part of H&F's House Reserve, the 1790 Series was created as to commemorate the business' founding year. This collection is comprised of only the rarest and most sought after habanos. Each 1790 release will be created inspired by a certain theme, such as limited editions, regional editions, or certain cigar brands.

The first 1790 Series is presented inside a beautifully designed humidor by made by Italian humidor makers DeART S.r.I. Massimo de Munari. The humidor is home to a total of one hundred and seventy cigars, all of which constitute the seventeen UK Regional Editions ever produced from 2005 up until 2017. Only thirty of these rare humidors were created, all of which are numbered and personally signed by Jemma Freeman, the Managing Director of Hunters and Frankau.

Hunters & Frankau Announces House Reserve Collectors Humidor egm cigars


Hunters & Frankau Announces House Reserve Collectors Humidor egm cigars 4

Hunter's & Frankau 1790 Series Humidor.

With all these new, fresh releases ready to hit the market in the next few days, there's no such thing as being stale in the cigar world. Whether you are a fan of the deep and complex aromas of Cohiba Behike 52 or you prefer the light and mild flavours of the Por Larranaga Panatelas Cigar, visit our Cuban cigar shop now and find the best cigar to your taste buds. Explore more from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog and find out more about the enticing world of habanos.