What to Wear and Smoke at Wimbledon 2019

What to Wear and Smoke at Wimbledon 2019

Article Updated and Revisited on 02/07/2019

We’re always on the look out for an occasion to pull out a box of our Best Cuban Cigars and the Wimbledon Championships seems like the most opportune event to do so. After all, it is timeless and has an everlasting sense of sophistication about it. We’re not sure if we’re talking about the Tennis event or our cigars here, but after a few Pimms everything gets a little blurry doesn’t it?

Tennis Players from all over the world dream of competing at the Wimbledon Championships. I mean even though we’re not professional athletes, even a few of us had pipe dreams of playing there when we were just little tykes, all dressed up in our tennis gear with a racket too big for our hands. Like many though, the closest we’ll ever get to that is being a spectator. Better to make the most of it and smoke the best Cuban cigars and leave the real talents to do what they do best.


Wimbledon hasn’t changed much over the years. In fact, in the last five years we’ve attended we have seen almost no changes. Every year, the very same shade of white, purple and green descends over the Club, strawberries and cream are sold on every stall and everybody is sipping on a glass of Pimms and lemonade. Tradition is very much a part of how the Club works, with only new members being inducted if they are recommended by two current members as is per of any prestigious Club in London. Saying that though, Court One has finally undergone a very much needed renovation, which we’re very much looking forward to seeing. 

Similar to The All England Lawn Tennis Club and the Wimbledon Championships itself, many Cuban cigars haven’t changed much over the years, owing to the fact that they are already the best they can be, proven in their popularity amongst the masses.

wimbledon no1 court roof unveiled egm cigars

Wimbledon Court No. 1 Roff Unveiled.


OUTER COURTS - The first week of Wimbledon is an exciting one, giving you full access to watch some of the most talented athletes on small intimate courts as they compete for the next round. As it’s the first week and we don’t want you to peak too early, we recommend dressing casually smart, as well as letting your own style come through. Wimbledon, despite being traditional, has seen some very unique outfits walked through its grounds and it’s the perfect time to show your style off.

Choose a nude tone Brunello Cuccinelli trousers, with a classic and crisp White Shirt from Mr. P and bring a pop of colour with Ermenegildo Zegna Burgundy socks. There could only be one smoke to pair with this outfit. The smoke on our website which would go perfectly with this setting and style is the Montecristo Edmundo Cigar. It has flavours in abundance, with a medium to full profile, ideal for smoking outside in the sunshine (British weather permitting obviously).

wimbledon week one outer courts montecristo edmundo and outfit egm cigars

Left: Brunello Cuccinelli Trousers, Centre: Mr. P Linen Grandad Collar Shirt, Ermenegildo Zegna Burbundrt Socks, Bottom: Montecristo Edmundo Cigar.


CENTRE COURT AND NO. 1 COURT - Everyone wants tickets for these courts and if you’re fortunate enough to get some you’ll be watching some of the biggest names in the sporting world and this year it might just be your last chance to see Roger Federer take the title. During the second week things start heating up, as tension starts running high in the build-up to the final. With things getting more serious, we think it’s time to start turning up the volume on your style.

At the second week, as the matches played are getting fewer and fewer, you’re more than likely to spend some time enjoying lunches on the terrace, afternoon tea in the Courtside or Renshaw Restaurant, or having a few drinks on the rooftop bar. The Linen and Cotton-Blend Navy Jacket from FOLK, impeccably made using 55% linen and 45% cotton, suits these sort of occasions perfectly (pun intended). Kitted out with the Kingsman collection, including the shirt, Trousers, shoes, cufflinks, Pocket Square and tie, you’ll exude style and bravura. The best Cuban cigars for enjoying in the latter part of the tournament would be any from the Cohiba portfolio, particularly one of the Cohiba Behike cigars. As does Wimbledon, these Cuban cigars consistently deliver and are loved and enjoyed by almost everyone.

wimbledon 2019 outfit and cohiba behike 52 cigar egm cigars

Left: FOLK Linen and Cotton-Blend Navy Blazer, Centre: Rubinacci Printed Pocket Square, Right: Acne Studios Tapered Trousers, Bottom: Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar


THE FINAL ROUND - There are two ways you can enjoy the final, you can either be one who relishes in being right in the centre of it all, on court, eyes following the ball as it goes back and forth between the players. Or you might rather like watching it on Murray Mound, formally known as Henman Hill, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere which is upbeat, jovial and so, so very exciting. If you’re the former we’d recommend this on Mr.Porter and some Romeo y Julieta cigars, for instance, the Romeo y Julieta Churchills is outstanding and offers an excellent smoking time.

And if you’ll be sitting on Murray Mound watching the big screen you’ll want to be wearing something a little more comfortable and casual. The Maison Margiela printed shirt is the perfect mix of smart and casual, with its Cuban style cut and striped pattern in gorgeous shades of blue and white. Layered over a classic black tee with forest green trousers and these Mr. P sneakers, we guarantee you are going to be turning some heads at Wimbledon 2019.

wimbledon 2019 outfit and romeo y julieta churchills cigar egm cigars

Top Left: Maison Margiela Stripped Shirt, Top Right: Mr. Portrer White Sneakers, Bottom: Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar.

With Wimbledon up and running, make sure to get properly dressed, equipped with the necessary smokes for this high class and opulent event. Shop the best cigars to accompany you at Wimbledon 2019 from our Cuban Cigar Shop. If you found that interesting, make sure to read more from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.