Spotlight: Double Figurado

Spotlight: Double Figurado

The Double Figurado, despite being scarce in production, has and will always have admirable fans. We take a look at the history and characteristics of the Double Figurado to understand why. 


When most people buy Cuban Cigars there are a number of factors that influence their choice. Many of our customers will buy a particular format they love or purchase any cigar because it’s from their favourite brand, whereas others will also take the strength and flavour profile into consideration when choosing a cigar. That’s why we have a broad and extensive selection of Cuban Cigars online to ensure that every taste and preference is accommodated for. We stock brands ranging from Cohiba Cuban Cigars to Trinidad Cuban Cigars for sale in a number of various shapes and sizes. And one such shape which has become distinctly rarer and harder to come by, is the Double Figurado.

Did you know that all Cuban Cigars were originally made in the shape of the Double Figurado? That’s right, virtually all Cuban Cigars in the late 1800s and early 1900s were expertly rolled into the unique and very difficult shape now commonly known as a torpedo. Now, in the present day, it’s become increasingly challenging to find double figurados cigars online and in many cigar merchants. Zino Davidoff, in his book The Connoisseur’s book of the Cigar, says that though this format is disappearing, ‘it still has its fervent admirers’ which is very true of the cigars we stock in this particular format.


The History of the Double Figurado

Image of the Cuaba Cigar Brand Logo

The Cuaba Logo depicts an idyllic tobacco farm with luscious green plants, blue skies and a small quaint factory in the middle of the fields. 


At a time of unrest and uncertainty after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba in the early 1990s was still facing an embargo by the US and the demand for cigars had reached shocking lows and almost slumped entirely. In fact, in twenty-five years this was the lowest it had ever been. Despite this, the United States had seen a surge in the demand for cigars and this was slowly beginning to trickle into Europe. Furthermore, Habanos S.A had just been launched which brought new, fresh and exciting ideas to an otherwise stale franchise.

Brushing off the dust from a time of political revolution, Habanos S.A used innovative and pioneering techniques to re-emerge Cuban Cigars and reinstate their worldly stature.

Fidel Castro, Cuban cigar enthusiast and Cuba’s forward thinking President, suggested that new brands should be created in the hopes that one day the US would terminate the embargo and Cuba could crack the U.S markets. The president of Habanos S.A at this time was Francisco Linares who took the responsibility of such a task and launched various new brands in the 1990s. These included Cuaba Cigars in 1996, Vegueros in 1997, Trinidad Cigars in 1998 and finally San Cristobal de la Habana in 1999.

In the 1990s, there were now only three double figurados in production, the Romeo y Julieta Celestiales Finos, the Partagas Presidentes and the Invictos Cigar from Fonseca. Francisco Linares noticed this space in the market and came up with the idea that there should be one brand which would create a line of Double Figurado vitolas and Double Figurado vitolas alone.

Linares found it nearly impossible to find an expect torcedor who had the skill to roll a cigar into this complicated shape, but one person came to mind, Carlos Izquierdo. Izquierdo had worked as a torcedor in the Romeo Factory in the 1950s and was widely recognised as the very best roller there. Particularly fond of rolling and crafting the Romeo y Julieta Romeo Cigar which was discontinued in 1978, Izquierdo had been waiting for a project such as this so as to incorporate his exceptional skills once more.

After twenty years of pleading to anyone who would listen in the cigar industry to bring back the Double Figurados, Izquierdo’s dream finally came true when the Habanos S. A’s president contacted him and enlisted him as the trainer of 14 torcedores who would go on to make the finest Double Figurados on the market at the time.

The brand was launched in London in the year 1996 and received critical acclaim. Cuaba successfully increased the admirers of the Double Figurado vitola and re-established the shape to its former glory.  

The Double Figurado has been put into the Regional Editions Cigars and Limited Editions Cigars portfolio and is increasingly being used for special productions which gives cigar smokers a unique experience.

Bolivar Tesoros Cigar

A glorious close up of the Regional Editions Bolivar Terosos Cigar Ex 5ta. Avenida 2016.

Double Figurado Properties

The Double Figurado features not one but two tapered heads, giving it the most distinctive format of any Cuban Cigar. A true masterpiece, any torcedor of these shaped cigars has the highest level of craftsmanship and are regarded as the very best cigar rollers in the world.

The two tapered ends, with a bulbous bulge in the centre of the cigar gives it its fuller flavoured profile and complex smoke.

In addition, because of this complicated format, this cigar requires a little closer attention and care when smoking, as to ensure an even burn. Perfect for those that enjoy attending to their cigar to make sure its smoked to its full potential.

 The following Double Figurado cigars are currently on our website:


Image of the Cuaba Divinos Cigar (Box of 25)

Expertly rolled Cuaba Divinos Cigars in their beautifully branded box.


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