Mille Centrum Captures the Montecristo Aromas in a Bottle

Mille Centrum Captures the Montecristo Aromas in a Bottle

Yes, pairing Cuban Cigars with perfume is a thing and, from the looks of it, there seems to be quite a following around it. Love it or hate it, the marriage between cigars and perfume is surprisingly true to its core. Mixing thoughtlessly the aromas of your cigar with the ones of your perfume will probably result in a dissatisfactory smoking experience. Luckily for us, Mille Centrum Parfums saved us from such troubles by developing a fragrance line that not just goes well with a variety of smokes but, also, captures the aromas and heritage of Montecristo Cigars. A collection of perfumes as enticing as its inspiration, here we take a look at the unique and well-crafted Montecristo Deleggend perfume line as created by Mille Centrum Parfums.


THE IDEA – It all started in 2016 by Marco Ciccateri, the creator of Montecristo Deleggend. Being a cigar and fragrance aficionado himself, when Marco became aware that Habanos S.A developed brand extensions, he seized the opportunity to combine his two great passions, perfume and his love for Montecristo Cigars. The result was the enticing Montecristo Deleggend Parfums line. A collection of fragrances packed with aromas that not just coexist but flourish next to the company of many fine Cuban sticks.

LAUNCH - Montecristo Deleggend made its first appearance in the summer of 2016. The official launch took place during the annual “Encuentro de Amigos de Partagas” in Matelica, Italy and was attended by, amongst others, the Mayor of Matelica and the Ambassador of Cuba in Italy. Mille Centrum Parfums, which is the official licensee of Habanos S.A., introduced the three fragrances which comprise the entire Montecristo Deleggend line, the Montecristo Deleggend Eau de Parfum, the Montecristo Deleggend Blanc, and the Montecristo Deleggend Noir.

Mille Centrum Captures the Montecristo Aromas in a Bottle egm cigars

Top Left: Montecristo Deleggend Eau de Parfum, Bottom Left: Montecristo Deleggend Noir, Right: Montecristo Deleggend Blanc


THE FRAGRANCES - Like Cuban Cigars Online, premium perfumes exalt uniqueness, something that characterises all three fragrances in the Montecristo Deleggend line. The overall perfume collection is distinguished by scents of woody and spicy notes combined with energizing and masculine undertones. Bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper dominate the aromas of the Montecristo Deleggend while notes of geranium, cedar, elemi, and vetiver add the final touches to the fragrance. The Montecristo Deleggend Eau de Parfum is as good for the cigar aficionado as for the non-smoker. The captivating aromas of the fragrance do not limit the Montecristo Deleggend strictly to cigar smokers, making it an excellent option for non-smokers as well.

PAIRINGS – Many of you could probably think that the fragrance was created exclusively for Montecristo smokes, however, you shouldn’t rush to judge the perfume just by its name. Although the fragrance carries clear references to the Montecristo brand, both in terms of packaging and aromas, Montecristo Deleggend can be an excellent pair to some of the Best Cuban Cigars brands out there. The signature fragrance of the line, the Montecristo Deleggend Eau de Parfum, matches brilliantly with the H. Upmann Majestic Cigar. Handmade using tobacco leaves sourced from Cuba’s most premium plantations in the Vuelta Abajo zone, no doubt why the aromas of this H. Upmann smoke go so well with the Montecristo Deleggend. An equally great pair is the Montecristo Deleggend Blanc with the slim yet flavoursome Por Larranaga Montecarlo Cigar. Featuring a Deliciosos vitola that measures at 159 mm in length by a ring gauge of 33, Montecarlo might be looking thin but it’s certainly heavy in aromas. The last perfume of the fragrance line, the Montecristo Deleggend Noir goes well with no other than the Cohiba Siglo IV Año del Cerdo Cigar. Made to commemorate the Chinese New Year 2019, Year of the Pig, this smoke is characterised by a medium to full flavoured profile while with its production restricted to only 2,000 boxes, Año del Cerdo is classified as a Limited Editions smoke that no true cigar collector should miss out.


Left: H. Upmann Majestic Cigar, Right: Por Larranaga Montecarlo Cigar

Mille Centrum Parfums and their Montecristo Deleggend fragrance have made it simple for many cigar aficionados to pair their Cuban Cigars for Sale Online with perfume. From the cigar enthusiast to the occasional smoker, visit out Cuban Cigar Shop today and find the perfect smoke to match your perfume. If you want to find out more about the fascinating world of Cuban cigars, read some of the most recent stories from our Cuban Cigar Blog now!