Montecristo A Giveaway: Celebrating 100k+ Views

Montecristo A Giveaway: Celebrating 100k+ Views

To our delight, the EGM Cigars blog has reached over 100,000 views! Since we started our blog in January of 2018, we have managed to rack up a portfolio of articles about all things cigars - from the latest news to inside knowledge - aficionados can refresh their cigar expertise through our written pieces. Want to learn How to Light a Cigar? Or even find out who are Most Famous Cigar Smokers?  Simply just visit our blog and scroll through our archive of interesting articles that are definitely worth reading. 


At EGM Cigars, we are feeling over-joyed, knowing that hundreds of thousands of aficionados all over the world have read our articles. We would love to give our sincerest gratitude to all our readers and followers. So, we are giving away a FREE box of Montecristo A’s to one lucky winner. The Montecristo A is one of the rarest and most unique cigars in the world with its 235 mm vitola. This will deliver you a lengthy smoke of around 2 hours! So, when smoking this cigar, be sure to sit back, relax and savour it as much as you can. You will find delicious notes of leather, wood and spice. It is an opportunity you just can't miss out on! 

A Box of Montecristo A's.


There are just 3 simple steps you need to follow to enter the competition:

1. Follow @egm_cigars on Instagram 

2. Tag 2 friends in our giveaway post’s comments.

3. Head over to the EGM Cigars website and leave a review on your favourite cigar (leave your Instagram to handle as your name so we can find you) 

 You have until Sunday 6th October at 17:00 GMT.  Be sure to follow our Instagram and keep your eyes peeled on Monday 7th October (17:00 GMT) to see who the lucky winner is!  

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