New Year's Resolutions for Cuban Cigar Smokers

New Year's Resolutions for Cuban Cigar Smokers

(Image: Cigar Monkeys)

As we approach the New Year, we can’t help but reflect on all the accomplishments and experiences we’ve had in the past year. The ups, the downs and everything in-between - it’s essentially made us who we are today. Now, it’s time to start looking ahead into the future and contemplate the things we can do to change for the better. Most people will think of the usual resolutions of losing weight, saving money or getting organised. But who says you can’t develop your cigar-smoking lifestyle? If you’re an enthusiastic Cuban Cigar-lover, then why not think of a few cigar-related resolutions that will allow you to create new experiences while learning more about the world of tobacco. So, without further ado, here are several resolutions and things to add to your bucket list for 2020.


I know, I know - when some of you get a brand new box of Habanos, you can’t help but smoke it straight away! But if you gather enough patience to let it age in a Cigar Humidor, you might be surprised about how beautifully your cigar has aged. If anything, it tasted even better than you first bought it! We suggest that sometime in the new year, you purchase a box of cigars. Save some to smoke on the spot, and save some to age. That way, you can compare the difference between each cigar. Are you curious if 'Aged Cigars are Better?', click the link to find out.


There’s nothing better than gifting yourself a new man cave this new year. By curating a few decorations in your own special corner in the house - adding a leather armchair, a table, an ashtray and a few accents here and there - can create the perfect ambience for you to enjoy a few smokes. 


Franz Mazzetti using the S.T. Dupont Lighter


As with any hobby, getting the right paraphernalia is a joy. When it comes to Cigar Accessories, you can choose from lighters, cutters, cases and even humidors. For instance, a new Cigar Lighter like the S.T. Dupont will perform incredibly, as well as looking stylish at the same time. Or, you may also decide to invest in a new Cigar Humidor - this will allow you to expand your current cigar collection, while also allowing you to safely age your cigars. Whatever you decide, it would be a great choice.


There’s a tendency for people to stay in their comfort zone. They stick to brands that they know and stray away from trying something new. But in reality, you might be missing out on some great cigars. You might even discover your new favourite. For some people, it might be trying a stronger cigar, for some, it could be a new brand, or it could even be seeking a Partagas Culebras cigar. It will open your eyes to all the varieties available while also expanding your current cigar knowledge. Before you know it, you could be making your way to Becoming a Cigar Expert.


Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.


If you’re going on holiday at all these years, why not travel to the ultimate cigar-making country - Cuba? Cuba is an exciting and vibrant place to be with its unique culture, picturesque valleys and food. Everywhere you go, it won’t be hard to spot someone smoking a cigar. It’s a popular custom in the country, and actually, it would be delightful to see so many people sharing the same passion and enjoyment from smoking tobacco. We recommend you to take a tour in the cigar factories and find out how your favourite cigar is made.


It’s great to make friends who are also passionate about cigars. You can make all sorts of conversations about your favourite smokes, your latest purchases and some interesting cigar trivia. So, one way you can enhance cigar life in 2020, is by socialising with more cigar enthusiasts. This can mean, heading out to cigar lounges and meeting new people; start involving yourself in the online cigar forums; or even inviting your friends to your house and starting your very first cigar-smoking party.

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