Vegueros Cigars: A Taste of Cuba

Vegueros Cigars: A Taste of Cuba

Here at EGM Cigars, we provide our beloved aficionados with an extensive range of Cuban cigars. Whether you’re looking for thin or thick, strong or light cigars for sale online – we have something for you. One brand which stands out in the Habanos world is Vegueros Cigars. It’s a brand which is rich in tradition and provides excellent value for money. We’re sure you would love to hear more about it right? Well, today we’re going to reveal the story behind Vegueros smokes.

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Where It All Begins.


WHERE IT ALL BEGAN – A few decades ago – the Cuban cigar world welcomed Vegueros with open arms. With ‘Vegueros’ translating to ‘Farmers’ – the brand pays homage to these talented torcedors that have helped shape the industry to what it is today. There is a famous tradition of farmers rolling their own cigars, Habanos noticed the desire among visitors of Cuba to give them a try. So, in 1996 production began in the ‘Francisco Donatien’ factory. Their portfolio provides aficionados with the cheapest hand-crafted cigars – without substituting the quality of the smokes. They contain a unique intensity, which gives an insight into the tastes of the local people. 


RELAUNCH – In 2013, they decided to re-brand. Transforming from a full-bodied brand to a slightly lighter medium-full bodied brand. All the sizes they offer are 100% handmade, containing long filler tobacco, at an affordable price. They’re still a brand rich in tradition – making their smokes that bit more enjoyable! 

Vegueros Centrofinos Cigar. egm

The Vegueros Centrofinos Cigar.


VEGUEROS CENTROFINOS CIGAR – This new vitola was introduced to the Cuban cigar world earlier this year. Completely hand-crafted by expert torcedors, it is full of the finest long filler tobacco. If you’re on the hunt for a thicker stick, this may be your match – reaching a size of 130mm by a 50 ring gauge. It’s a great addition to any aficionado’s cigar humidor

That’s the low-down on Vegueros Cigars – be sure to check out more from the brand on our Cuban cigar shop. If you’re hungry for more Cuban cigar trivia, head over to our Cuban cigar blog: