Smoking Cigars: Historic Childbirth Celebration

Smoking Cigars: Historic Childbirth Celebration

The ritual of smoking cigars has been serving as a celebratory tradition for many festive occasions. From internationally recognised sports celebrations to personal achievements, there couldn’t be a more suitable and festive habit than that of puffing a fine Habano. However, the impact of Cuban Cigars as a celebratory instrument has influenced in, some cases, more deep and intimate aspects of our lives. A natural act that celebrates creation as much as the miracle of life itself, childbirth, particularly homebirth, used to be strongly associated with lighting a Habano in the past few decades. That been said, in today’s post we take a look at the origins of the tradition of smoking cigars after the birth of a child and the history behind this celebratory ritual.

HOME BIRTH – The process of giving birth to a child wasn’t always taking place at a well-supplied birth clinic. With hospitals being limited in numbers and, thus, almost impossible to over childbirths in certain territories, mothers used to give birth to their babies inside their home, accompanied by either a medical professional or a midwife. Although a few parents try to keep homebirths alive to this day, this tradition has almost been extinct as it has been identified by many as life-threatening both for the mother and for the baby. Regardless of the level of unsafety of this procedure, home births were also popular for being closely related to the ritual of smoking cigars. But how do these two intertwine?

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Gentlemen smoking Cuban cigars as to celebrate an event of international appeal, a personal achievement, or the birth of the newest family member.


SOOTHERED ANTICIPATION – Being in labour is neither an easy nor a quick process. It can last for days and, although it is the most rewarding experience, it also is amongst the most exhausting ones. Besides being a highly unsafe and risky process, home births were a grinding procedure for both the mother, the father and all the close relatives who, back in the day, used to gather to the family’s home as to celebrate the birth of the new family member. Known to be the best cure to apprehension, the father and mostly the men of the family used to puff on Habanos as to soften the feeling of anticipation. In particular, the family’s men, and in some rare cases even women, preferred lighting large and thick gauged cigars, like the Partagas Lusitanias Cigar, perfect to help pass the time. Measuring at 194 mm long by a 49 ring gauge it rewards the smoker with plentiful flavours for almost two hours.

CELEBRATORY SMOKE – After the long and tiresome process of either anticipating or giving birth to your child, a celebration is in order, and what could possibly be more fitting than puffing on an excellent Habano from Cohiba or Romeo y Julieta Cigars? Back when homebirths were widely popular, celebratory dads would often gather with friends in the parlour of their home and pass around cigars to light up once the baby was born. In rarer cases, some would even pop a bottle of champagne, making this festive gathering extra special. However, a few claim that this cigar tradition goes way back, tracing to the first American Indians. To elaborate, the men of each tribe exchanged gifts to celebrate the birth of a child, in which a primitive form of cigars was amongst the most prized offerings. Regardless of the origins of this custom, Habanos have served as a splendour way to celebrate the birth of a baby. One of the most adored cigars by cigar aficionados everywhere, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigar is the ideal smoke to celebrate the birth of the newest family member. Filled with the finest blend of tobacco leaves, the Churchill cigar measures at 178 mm long by a ring gauge of 47 and produces a medium-bodied smoke.

CIGARS AFTER BIRTH TODAY – Nowadays, the celebrations after the birth of a baby do not share the same festive grace that did in the past. With most childbirths taking place in birth clinics and hospitals, it is almost impossible for dads and family to light celebratory Habano once their new family member comes to life. However, true cigar aficionados want to keep this tradition alive by lighting a festive cigar once they either leave the hospital or from the comfort of their own home. Perfect for a celebratory smoke, the Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar is the most suitable smoke for this occasion.


The ritual of smoking cigars has been serving as a festive symbol of celebration in many cases. As we have discussed today, Cuban Cigars Online share a strong connection with both the process and the celebratory festivities of childbirth. Read our recent blog posts today and find out what makes Habanos so special: