The Science of Cigars: Humidity and Moisture

The Science of Cigars: Humidity and Moisture

There’s more to Cuban Cigars than meets the eye. Yes, there is no doubt that they are a lifestyle product that exudes opulence, finesse, and class. However, it takes more than a cigar’s looks to fully understand and appreciate a smoke. Premium cigars are made with precision, using high-quality materials, and always optimised to an exact 12 – 15% moisture content. Many times underappreciated, humidity and moisture complete a cigar the same way yin does with yang. That been said, here we discuss the importance of moisture and humidity in a cigar, taking a look at all the ways in which these two factors contribute to the creation of an excellent smoke.


HUMIDITY AND MOISTURE – Many cigar smokers support that the flavour of a cigar relies entirely on its tobacco leaves and their quality. This popular belief is only half true. Of course, the flavour of a cigar is influenced by both the quantity and the quality of the leaves used for its blend. Nonetheless, the right balance of humidity and moisture is what gives cigar their rich flavours and the capacity for long and satisfying smokes. When you burn a cigar, a variety of oils, scented sugars, and flavours are being released. The joy you take from it though depends greatly on the humidity and moisture of the cigar. Too much moisture will cause your cigar to burn unevenly, producing mostly unbalanced flavours while, too little will make your smoke burn too hot and will eventually lose all of its aromatic qualities. Either way, you end up damaging the flavours of your Cuban Cigars Online and lowering your overall smoking experience.

Losing moisture means losing flavours and such damage cannot be repaired. Dry cigars burn to quickly and in too high temperature to properly reveal their aromas. On the other hand, smokes can also dampen, an equally catastrophic outcome. In addition, cigars stored in conditions above 72% humidity will attract dew and that will be the end of your smoke. A great habano deserves to be stored accordingly and Cohiba seems to know that rule better than anybody. One of the most sought after product on the market, the Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Aniversario Humidor is home to 20 excellent Cuban sticks. This extraordinary humidor was exclusively designed to commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary while the cigar inside features the unique Majestuosos vitola, a humidor that every cigar enthusiast should have in their collection.

The humidor inside the lanesborough London Cohiba MAjestuosos 1966 50 aniversario humidor EGM Cigars

Left, Bottom Right: The humidor inside The Lanesborough London, Top Right: Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - 50 Aniversario Humidor


STORAGE – All our Cuban Cigars for Sale Online are hygroscopic. But what does that mean? It simply means that they can attract, hold, or lose moisture. If you even attempt to deprive a cigar of sunlight and air conditioning, it will die in less than a day. The answer to this problem is quite simple. A good quality cigar humidor will do the trick. A piece of art that will certainly decorate your home or office, the Davidoff Office Humidor will keep your cigars safe and sound. This classic and elegant looking humidor provides the perfect case for up to 50 cigars, securing that they will maintain the right moisture and humidity levels. Coming from a brand with great history in manufacture, the S.T. Dupont Humidor combines tradition with modern technology. Handcrafted out cedar wood and layered with a natural lacquer, the Dupont humidor will safely store your Vintage Cigars as well as your regular production ones.

DAMAGED SMOKES – It is not that complicated to check the moisture of your smoke. All you have to do is simply roll it between your fingers. A dry cigar sounds crackly when rolled while it feels extremely fragile. Contrariwise, if your cigar is far too spongy, soft, and dense then there is no doubt that too much moisture has killed your smoke. Cracks, ripples, or white mouldy spots can also indicate that a cigar has been exposed to either high or low moisture levels. A healthy habano should feel firm and smooth at the same time, while, in some cases, it can be slightly oily. Unfortunately, a cigar damaged from either the lack or the overdose of moisture cannot be repaired, therefore, in this occasion, all you can do is get rid of the old and get yourself a new one.

davidoff office humidor rosewood and s.t. dupont humidor egm cigars

Left: Davidoff Office Humidor Rosewood Palladium, Right: S.T. Dupont Humidor 

Cigars require special care in order to truly develop their flavours and aromas. As we have discussed above, moisture and humidity play a conclusive factor to the overall profile of a habano. Securely stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, all of the smokes available in our Cuban Cigar Shop guarantee a smoking experience like no other. Check out the latest articles from our Cuban Cigar Blog and find out what makes the cigar world so interesting.