Cuban Cigar Ashtrays: Our Top Picks

Cuban Cigar Ashtrays: Our Top Picks

Summer evenings means more nights spent socialising with friends and family. With lighter nights and longer days, you’re able to host for a big group of people, holding parties and meeting new people. These sort of evenings mean more smoking, meaning more cigar ash, meaning the need for more Cuban Cigar Ashtrays. We’ve looked at our cigar ashtrays for sale and collated a list of our top picks. Not only do we think they look great, but they’re also super useful. Your friends will enjoy using them and your partner will be happy you’re keeping the place clean- no ash, no problem.


Cohiba Cigar Ashtray for sale online The Cohiba Ashtray is both slick and stylish, with its classic black body and gorgeous gold detail, it’s the obvious choice if you want to make a statement without being flashy. Cohiba Cuban cigars are one of the world’s most famous brands. If someone is throwing a cigar tasting party, a get together or having a poker night, you’ll be sure to see a Cohiba- it’s almost a given.






Colibri Qasar ashtray buy online The Colibri Qasar on the other hand does the opposite. It is our latest cigar ashtray online and we think it’s one of the most modern and contemporary ashtrays available on the market today. The ashtray has an eye-catching, unique geometric design and is available in black and silver which manages to keeps it simple and understated.



Romeo y Julieta cigar ashtray prices online The Romeo y Julieta cigar ashtray is beautifully designed with the brand’s logo being used as the statement centre point and brand’s name repeated along the shelves creates a very striking pattern. This ashtray can hold up to four Cuban cigars for sale, making it perfect for smaller parties and get togethers.





Montecristo cigar ashtray buy online The Montecristo cigar ashtray is one of our top picks, because not only is it a very successful Cuban cigar brand, but it also reminds us of a bygone era, something we can imagine our father’s having in their games room, beside the pool table or atop the mantelpiece taken down for moments of relaxation. We think this owes to the porcelain yellow with red detail which we very much adore the combination of.


The prospect of spending some time in our newly spruced up and pruned gardens, lounging about on poufs and lighting up some of our cigars online is one that carried us through those cold winter months and is no longer a far off dream- in fact, it’s now. With the dusting off of BBQs, comes the need to refresh your space and what better way to do that than with any of our unique cigar ashtrays.

Which one of these is your favourite? Let us know at the comments section at the bottom of our Cuban Cigar Blog.

 These are just a few of the Cuban cigar accessories we have for sale, see our full website to see our extensive list.