The Unlike Relationship Between Cigars and Music

The Unlike Relationship Between Cigars and Music

When it comes to unexpected pairings, this one has exceeded all our expectations. Cuban Cigars and music seem to share a quite unusual yet very strong bond. Yes, you heard that right. Matching your Cuban sticks with music is as lucrative and pleasurable as pairing them with soft drinks, alcohol, or food. Of course, such a pairing won’t have an impact on your taste buds but on your overall smoking experience, making it all the more unique and satisfying. A pairing that not many are aware of its pleasurable perks, in today’s post we explore the unlike relationship between Cuban Cigars Online and music, unveiling what is it that makes these two go so well together.


THE ART OF LEISURE – Whether you are a cigar beginner or an aficionado, you are certainly aware by now that smoking cigars is a ritual strongly associated with easy, leisure, and relaxation. Long story short, there’s no better way to enjoy a fine habano than steal an hour or two from your daily routine, sit back in the comfiest chair in your office, lounge, or living room, and slowly puff on, let's say, a good H. Upmann or a fine Cohiba cigar. What could possibly make this moment even better? Well, there’s where music appears. We can’t think of a better way to maximise your relaxation and make your smoking experience even more enticing than listening to some sweet music as you puff. Music will get your mind off your busy lifetime, offer you a safe place where you can really enjoy the flavours and aromas of your smoke. Trust us, this is even better than it sounds.

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Enjoying some smokes from our wide selection of Cuban Cigars for Sale Online accompanied by the sounds of jazz.


EXCELLENT COMPANY – Many aficionados are set in stone that the ritual of smoking cigars is a group activity, an experience that is only better when shared with other like-minded individuals. We have only one thing to say to smokers like you; you need to re-evaluate your beliefs. Of course, every cigar smoker should enjoy habanos the way they please, however, there’s no written or unwritten law that deprives aficionados of the privilege of enjoying a good smoke by themselves. Pour yourself a drink, light a Trinidad Reyes Cigar and, of course, turn some music on. That’s all the company you'll need for tonight. Find the tracks that speak to you the most this evening and enjoy the warmth of your favourite sounds as you puff and sip. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like music to our ears, both literally and figuratively.

MUSIC AND CIGARS – Yes, our wide selection of the Best Cuban Cigars makes an excellent pair to music. However, many of you may argue that this whole pairing theory sounds very general. And it does because that’s how it is supposed to be. To elaborate, it seems that the universality that describes music is responsible for making it a good pair to cigars in the first place. There’s no right or wrong genre, good or bad track; just choose the music that speaks to your soul the most at that moment and go for it. It can be classical music, some sweet jazz, or even heavy metal. There is no discrimination when it comes to the music that accompanies you throughout your smoking experience.

Surprisingly, there’s no right or wrong cigar and music pairing too. The secret to a good combination is enjoyment, matching the smoke you like the most with the music of your preference. That’s where all the balance lies. You want to puff the slim and elegant Cohiba Panetelas Cigar while you enjoy the heavenly voice of Nina Simone? We cannot find a reason you shouldn’t. Or perhaps you would rather smoke the much sought after Bolivar Soberanos Edicion Limitada 2018 Cigar accompanied by the beautiful orchestral sounds of classical music? That will also do. From regular production vitolas to rare, or even Vintage Cigars, there are no limitations when it comes to pairing your smokes with music other than pure enjoyment.

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Left: Trinidad Reyes Cigar, Right: Cohiba Panetelas Cigar

Simple, cleansing, and very relaxing, the ritual of smoking cigars goes hand in hand with the art of music. Regardless an aficionado’s personal taste in either music or cigars, the marriage between the two guarantees to take your smoking experience to new highs. Get yourself a drink, grab your favourite sticks from our Cuban Cigar Shop, and put some music on and experience first hand the positive impact that music has when smoking cigars. Why not read more from our Cuban Cigar Blog and stay-up-to-date with everything going on in the cigar industry?