The Cigar Accessories Every Golfer Needs

The Cigar Accessories Every Golfer Needs

You got your golf cap on, your equipment and clubs ready, and you are just about to hit the golf course. You are one thing short though; your Cuban Cigars. Whether you are an avid aficionado or simply a cigar beginner, a golf game can be even more enjoyable when paired with your favourite smokes. However, where there’s smoke there is fire or, as we prefer to say, Cigar Accessories. Every proper cigar aficionado should be equipped with the essential cigar accessories before making their way to the golf course. That been said, in today's blog we provide you with the ultimate guide to everything a cigar smoker needs during a golf game, besides cigars.


CIGAR CASE – First and foremost, finding the best way to securely carry your sticks down to the golf course is essential. And what could possibly be more suitable to complete such a demanding task than a cigar case? From classic leather cases to contemporary ones, we are home to a variety of Cuban Cigar Cases, perfect for every cigar aficionado. A cigar case that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, the S.T. Dupont Double Cigar Case is an all-time classic accessory. A metal slide-lid case dressed in genuine leather, no doubt that the Dupont case will be turning some head at the golf course. Nonetheless, if the Dupont case is too classic for your modern aesthetics, don’t worry, the Carbon Fibre Cigar Case is here for you. Made out of carbon fibres, this case is not just beautiful on the outside but, also, very durable and resistant on the inside; overall, the perfect cigar case to bring with during a golf game.

s t dupont cigar case carbon fibre cigar case egm cigars

Left: S.T. Dupont Cigar Case, Right: Carbon Fibre Cigar Case 


CIGAR CUTTER AND LIGHTER – Regardless how cliché this might sound, a premium cigar cutter and lighter are, also, essential. The blade used to cut the head of your stick as well as the flame used to light it is as much important as the quality of the cigar itself. However, both the cutter and lighter you will be bringing with you at the golf course need to be small and lightweight and, at the same time, stylish and efficient. thankfully we have the perfect duo for you. Featuring not one, but two sharp blades, the Romeo y Julieta Cigar Cutter is the ideal cigar accessory to join you during a game of golf. Capable of cutting a maximum ring gauge of 54, this cutter comes in a vibrant red colour, a cigar accessory that no true Romeo y Julieta Cigars fan should miss out. Strong enough to survive against all extreme elements, the Defi Extreme S.T. Dupont Lighter guarantees to make your smoking experience way easier during a golf game. Coming in a beautiful black matte finish, the Defi Extreme lighter weights only 0.170kg, making it the best cigar lighter to bring with you at the golf course.

GOLF SHIRTS – Your outfit should, also, be appropriate when playing golf. From choosing your gloves to finding the right pair of shoes, your outer appearance is as significant as your smokes when you're about to play golf. Lucky for you, we have just the right pieces to make you stand out from the rest. Both fashionable and comfortable, our Guayabera Shirts are the ultimate fashion piece that every aficionado needs when hitting the heading to the golf course. Manufactured using Italian linen and cotton, the beautiful Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera Shirt features four pockets, perfect for carrying all your cigar accessories with you at the golf course.

guayabera shirt egm cigars

Top: Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera shirt in Black, Bottom: Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera shirt in white

Playing golf has always been closely associated with the ritual of smoking Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. However, as we have discussed above, selecting which cigar accessories will bring with you at the golf course is as important as choosing the Best Cuban Cigars for this occasion. Golf player or not, find some of the best Cuban cigars on the market from our popular Cuban Cigar Shop. Did you enjoy reading about cigar accessories? Learn more about the cigar world than from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.