4 Thick Cuban Cigars That You Should Try

4 Thick Cuban Cigars That You Should Try

Thick Cuban Cigars have been rising in popularity over the years - and it shows no signs of stopping. It’s hard to imagine that about a decade or two ago, having ring gauges over 52 were only made by the select-few cigar makers. Now, thick cigars are being made and distributed all over the world, and countries like Cuba have caught on. It is incredibly easy to find a cigar with an over 50 ring gauge, and it won’t even be a surprise to find sticks that reach up to 60!  Fernando Domínguez Valdés-Hevia, the co-president of Habanos, said that “Sales of heavy-ring-gauge cigars—50 or higher—account now for more than 50 per cent of Habanos S.A.’s total sales,” That is a substantial percentage! That means that, more than ever, cigar aficionados are opting for thicker cigars as opposed to other sizes. Perhaps it’s because of its eye-catching shape, or you’re going for that Churchill aesthetic - it is undeniable that these thick cigars are dominating the market. Keep in mind that having thicker ring gauges, mean that the distribution of tobacco will change.

Trinidad Vigia Cigar.


A favourite of many cigar enthusiasts, the Trinidad Vigia makes an excellent choice for a thick stick of tobacco. It was awarded one of the Top 25 Cigars in the World by Cigar Aficionado! Characterised by its 54-ring gauge, you will be able to find delicious notes of wood, eucalyptus, honey and leather - providing an impeccable and sophisticated smoking experience! It is a best-selling cigar in our Cuban Cigar Shop for a reason, so why not indulge yourself and give it a go? You will not be disappointed.


Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar.


Limited and very highly sought after - the Cohiba Behike is the perfect representation of the impeccable craftsmanship of Cuban Cigars. Not only is this cigar thick, but it impresses the smoker by the extra level of complexity. Cohiba Behikes are made with an extra rare tobacco leaf, which only appears in a few plants! Thanks to that addition, aficionados will be able to enjoy a beautiful palette of spice and cream, as well as cedar, hay and earth. In the Behike line, it has different ring gauges, ranging from 52 to 56 - with the 58 waiting to be released for next year. Like the Trinidad Vigia, this is also one of our most popular Cigars for Sale Online.

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Río Seco Cigar.


One of the latest editions to Le Hoyo series, the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Río Seco cigar offers a delicate aroma, with smooth and gorgeous flavours encapsulated within its thick, 56-ring gauge body. Handmade with long-filler tobacco in the famous Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, it is a premium-quality cigar we recommend you to try! 


H. Upmann Magnum 56 Edicion Limitada 2015 Cigar


This cigar is perhaps the largest that H. Upmann has ever released. Measuring at 150mm and with a ring gauge of 56, this cigar, without a doubt, is a thick cigar to hold. The H. Upmann Magnum 56 is special as it has been aged for about 4 years, creating a darker wrapper. You will find that this cigar has a light to medium profile, comprising of rich cocoa, spice and hay notes.

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