Cheap Cuban Cigars: What to Buy Under $10

Cheap Cuban Cigars: What to Buy Under $10

Quality comes with a price. At least that’s what most aficionados believe when it comes to buying Cuban Cigars. However, that is not always the case. The quality of the soil, the prosperity offered by the weather conditions, and the heart and soul that torcedores put into the creation of each individual stick, are all things that cannot be determined by a price. In layman’s terms, Cheap Cuban Cigars are still Cuban Cigars. Overall, an average cigar smoker is unable to spend a huge amount of their monthly salary for the sake of smoking premium cigars on a daily basis. That’s where cheap Cuban cigars appear to save the day. As great in quality and construction as any premium stick, here are the best five low-cost cigars, all of which ranging below 10 bucks.


MONTECRISTO NO. 4 – If we could name one smoke for being a classic go-to choice amongst all types of cigar smokers, that could be no other than the Montecristo No. 4 Cigar. Featuring the Marevas vitola, one of the most popular formats and a typical Habanos shape, No. 4 measures at 129 mm in length by a ring gauge of 42 and is capable of producing plenty of deep and strong flavours, characteristic of Montecristo Cigars. Priced at only $8.91 per stick, the Montecristo No. 4 has certainly won a place in our list of the best cheap Cuban cigars.

RAFAEL GONZALEZ PERLAS – A smoke suitable for both experienced and inexperienced smokers, the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas Cigar never disappoints. The smoothness of this puro reflects its brilliant construction while its flavoured profile is light yet complex, making Perlas extra special. Coming in 102 mm in length by a ring gauge of 40, these short cigars are perfect to enjoy in between meeting, your lunch-break, or when the time is of the essence. One of the most affordable vitolas in our extensive selection of cheap Cuban cigars, you can make the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas cigar yours only for £4.55.

montecristo no 4 cigar rafael gonzalez perlas cigar egm cigars

Left: Montecristo No. 4 Cigar, Right: Rafael Gonzalez Perlas Cigar


PARTAGAS CHICOS – Slim, flavoursome, and elegant, there are so many words to describe the incredible Partagas Chicos Cigar.  The Chicos vitola measures at only 106 mm in length by a thin ring gauge of 29, all in all, the ideal cigar for a quick yet highly aromatic smoke. However, what makes Chicos stand out from the rest of our Cuban Cigars Online is that it combines great quality with low price. One of the best cheap Cuban cigars, the pack of 5 Partagas Chicos is available for sale on our website for only $8.81. Get your hands on it before it's too late.

ROMEO Y JULIETA NO. 2 – Our list of cheap Cuban cigars would be insufficient without the Romeo y Julieta No. 2 Cigar in it. Handmade using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba’s most prominent farms, the No. 2 cigar features a Petit Coronas vitola that measures at 129 mm long by a 45 ring gauge. The Romeo y Julieta No. 2 cigar delivers a medium flavoured profile, typical of Romeo y Julieta Cigars, capable of exciting the cigar beginner as well as the aficionado. And if you think that such a good smoke will cost you a ton of money, guess again! You can puff the Romeo y Julieta No. 2 cigar for the considerable price of $7.42.

BOLIVAR PETIT CORONAS – Last on our list is a smoke as flavoursome and complex as any Limited Edition one. Providing the smoker with approximately 40 minutes of smoking pleasure, the Bolivar Petit Coronas Cigar is a flavoured filled powerhouse. Coming also in a Marevas format as well, the Petit Coronas cigar measures at 129 mm in length by a 42 ring gauge. Packed with strong and complex flavours, the Bolivar Petit Coronas cigar can be yours for just $8.41, proving that quality cigars can be affordable too.

partagas chicos cigar and bolivar petit coronas cigar egm cigars

Left: Partagas Chicos Cigar, Right: Bolivar Petit Coronas Cigar

Smoking Cuban cigars is a ritual for the many, not the few. The above cigars prove that there are sticks of great quality, affordable for any type of smoker. From the cigar beginner to the aficionado, visit our Cuban Cigar Shop now and find the perfect cigar to your taste buds. Discover more about the beautiful world of habanos from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.