What Determines the Price of a Cigar

What Determines the Price of a Cigar

Known to be some of the most opulent products on the market, the pricing of Cuban Cigars Online has been a topic of conversation amongst both cigar aficionados and non-cigar smokers around the globe for many years. However, only a few know that the prices of Habanos, like their sizes, flavours, and aromas, show variations due to a number of different factors. Whether you are an avid cigar enthusiast, an occasional smoker, or just a cigar beginner, you ought to be aware of all these elements that impact the price of your favourite smoke. That been said, in today’s article we are looking at the top five factors that determine the price of a cigar.

BRAND NAME – Like in any other industry, the price point of a puro varies from brand to brand. Premium and well-established cigar brands, like Montecristo Cigars, cost their smokes more expensively than smaller Habano brands do. Popular for being both elegant and flavoursome, the Cohiba Lanceros Cigar is produced by one of the most well-established Cuban Cigar brands on the market and that certainly justifies its pricing. From the quality of its tobacco leaves to being perfectly constructed, this puro is capable of producing unique flavours and aromas, offering the ultimate smoking experience. An equally great smoke but a more affordable one, the Ramon Allones Hermitage Cigar (Ex. Rusia 2017) is ideal for smokers who are familiar with deeper and stronger flavours. Produced by a smaller yet popular Habano brand, this Regional Editions smoke is very much adored amongst cigar aficionados while its low-cost price demonstrates the impact that the brand name can have on pricing a Habano.

cohiba lanceros cigar ramon allones hermitage cigar ex. rusia 2017 EGM Cigars

Left: Cohiba Lanceros Cigar, Right: Ramon Allones Hermitage Cigar (Ex. Rusia 2017)


QUALITY AND CONSTRUCTION – Of course, all of our Cuban Cigars for Sale Online are excellently handcrafted using tobacco leaves of great quality. Nevertheless, in some cases, a puro’s tobacco leaves and construction process can be even more refined than usual, and that can certainly influence its pricing. For instance, cigars wrapped using aged leaves need extra attention when manufactured and, thus, raise their overall cost. Part of the excellent Maduro 5 linea 2007, the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar has been exquisitely handmade using wrapper leaves which have been aged in wooden barrels for at least five years. Providing their smoker with an hour of pure smoking pleasure, the Magicos Cigar proves that high-quality tobacco leaves and brilliant construction influence the price of a Cuban cigar.

SIZE – It’s not set in stone, but, in most cases, size has an impact on the price of a Habano. To put it in simple words – the larger the cigar the more expensive usually is. But it’s not just the length and ring gauge that matter- it's the shape as well. Unusual vitolas can also influence the pricing of Cuban Cigars. Shapes like Torpedos and Double Figurados, for example, take extra time and consideration into rolling and that undoubtedly elevates the price of the cigar.

AGE – Age most certainly impacts the price of Cuban cigars. The more years a cigar is aged, the more precious it becomes and, therefore, more expensive. Age intensifies the depth of a Habano’s flavours and aromas maximising a smoker's puffing pleasure. Having said that, Vintage Cigars are pricier than regular production ones since they require extra time and effort in order to age properly. A classic puro, the Vintage Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar (MAS OCT ’08) has been a favourite amongst cigar enthusiasts over a century. Aged for eleven years, this smoke is capable of delivering complex yet rich flavours – typical of a well-aged Habano.

cohiba maduro 5 magicos cigar vintage romeo y julieta churchills cigar EGM Cigars

Left: Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar, Right: Vintage Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar (MAS OCT '08)

TAX – Like any other product, taxes have a huge impact on determining the cost of a cigar. In England for instance, on top of the tobacco UK duty that ranges approximately around £2.59 for every 10g. of cigar brought, there is a 20% rate of VAT for all retail products – adding up to the overall price. That’s why buying Cuban Cigars Online can seriously lower the amount of money you spend on your favourite smokes.

Besides being widely considered as a luxurious product, there are many different variants that determine the price of a Habano. From the cigar beginner to the cigar aficionado, we, at EGM Cigars, are the best platform to Buy Cigars Online - offering the best prices on the market. Check out our latest posts and find out now what makes Cuban Cigars so special.