Why Are Cigars a Symbol of Success?

Why Are Cigars a Symbol of Success?

If there’s one thing for sure - Cuban cigars have certainly become a well-established symbol of success and luxury. Although, many may wonder - where has this universal ideology appeared from? Well, it’s something that has been subconsciously integrated into society through several means. Whether that be the rise of the cigar, the image that cigars have been given in the media, or the kind of people that have loved a good old smoke throughout history. Let’s take a look at the history of cigars in the corporate world and how they’ve come to have the luxurious image that they do today. 

The First Class Smoking Room on the Titanic. EGM Cigars

The First-Class Smoking Room on the Titanic. 

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN - Although cigars were around long before they had this image, they have been looked at as an opulent commodity for quite some time - what with them being imported and hand-crafted. It was throughout the 19th and early 20th century when they became a true symbol of wealth, privilege and success. It was around this time when the smoking room business was flourishing and they began to be a place whereby aristocracy fled to after their dinner. Men would bring their friends and it would be their time to discuss their business and political thoughts over a good smoke. There was even a smoking room built especially for the first-class passengers of the Titanic - with 8,000 cigars ordered-in before setting sail, according to records.


CORPORATE AFFAIRS - Taking a look back to when there were no complications for our American friends when ordering their Cuba smokes - there was a clear correlation between the economy and the popularity of cigars. It seemed that when the markets were trading well, cigar sales would soar and vice versa. During the Wall Street crash sales in the market plummeted - could it be due to the state of the global corporate affairs? 

 Gordan Gekko from Wall Street. EGM Cigars

Gordan Gekko From the Film 'Wall Street'. 

HOLLYWOOD IS CALLING - We have looked at Cigars in Movies before and we uncovered just how powerful cigars can be at establishing the image of a character. Gordan Gekko in Wall Street is the prime example of how Hollywood uses a cigar to re-establish his business-minded persona. Particularly with it being set in the primetime of corporate moguls living their lavish lifestyles as a mark of their success. It’s another accessory added to a long-list of props used to portray both success and power to a character.

Webster Cigars Advert. EGM Cigars

A Webster Cigars Advert from the 1940s.

ADVERTISING - Advertising has also had a part to play in this game. It’s no secret that the Cuban cigar industry took a huge blow when John F Kennedy placed the embargo on Cuba in 1964. This was the time that other premium cigar companies, from other countries, stepped up their advertising efforts. Millions often went into the creation of the campaigns, as they targeted those who were willing to dig deep into their pockets for a nice smoke. The campaigns would be carefully placed beside cars, resorts, designer labels, casinos - just all things luxury. It helped secure that image of the high-flying corporate successors and their love for cigars. There’s also the likes of Cigar Aficionado, who have featured a fair share of famous cigar smokers on their magazine covers. They have worked with plenty of athletes, politicians, actors, music stars and famous businessmen - yet again showing the public that successful men are suckers for a good cigar. 

We think it’s fair to say a good cigar has become a business man's best friend - and who blames them? Cigars truly have become the ultimate symbol of success. Need help selecting new smokes to add to your cigar humidor? Check out or cigar blog for top picks: 

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