Why do we Celebrate with Cigars?

Why do we Celebrate with Cigars?

Cuban cigars have been made a worldwide phenomenon for centuries. Since then cigars have been integrated into Western culture as a symbol of celebration and victory. From weddings and the birth of a child to corporate success – a special occasion is always a good excuse to share out a few sticks. So, we were wondering: why has this common association come about? Let’s discover why we celebrate with cigars.


EPITOME OF LUXURY – Back when we explored Victorians and Cigars, we discovered that the 1800s marked an important time for the Cuban cigar market. Not only were they becoming increasingly popular, but they were also becoming a firmly established symbol of wealth and power. They were highly sought after and became somewhat of a fashion statement. This association have been carried over for generations, as there are plenty of famous men who love cigars. Yet again re-establishing this image of luxury and power that comes with smoking cigars. With such associations, it can only be expected that they’ll be used for celebrations all over the world!

romeo y julieta short churchills. egm

The Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar.


A BABY IS BORN – Father’s passing out some sticks with their close friends, in celebration of the birth of their child has been around for centuries. Although it’s not as prevalent as it was, it’s definitely still present. Think back to colonial America – when fathers were less involved in the birthing process. They would be left pacing up and down their parlour anxiously for the announcement of their new arrival. Well, they would often turn to a trusty smoke to calm the nerves – paired with a glass of liquor of course, for a bit of Dutch courage. Nowadays, people shall wait until they return home from the hospital when they’ll introduce their loved ones to their new baby. The fathers shall take some time out with their close ones and pass out some stogies. It’s also common to celebrate the gender of the child through the colour of the cigar band. Blue for a bouncing baby boy and pink hues for their precious little girl - perhaps a classic Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar would be the perfect smoke for such an occasion?

cohiba talisman cigar. egm

The Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada Cigar.


LUCKY CHARM – Another tradition that is loved by aficionados is the use of cigars as good luck charms. They’ll purchase a Cuban cigar online as a good luck charm and only once their goal is achieved shall they smoke it. Then, not only will the cigar serve a means for celebration – but it’ll also commemorate your success. We would suggest opting for a limited edition cigar for occasions such as this. Perhaps the Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada Cigar – then it’ll be a true treat to yourself when you finally get a smoke. 

partagas aristocrats cigar. egm

The Partagas Aristocrats Cigar.


RELAX AND UNWIND – All aficionado will tell you how puffing on a good smoke leads to ultimate relaxation and allows them to unwind. So, it seems fitting that it would be included in big celebrations such as weddings and parties, as it’s all part of the social experience. It’s a moment of chill-time during the hectic party, where you can socialise with one another before heading back to the dance floor. The Partagas Aristocrats Cigar would be a good choice, as it pairs nicely with liquor

So, do you have any traditions when it comes to sparking up a stick? Remember to stock up on your smokes for your next big celebration on our Cuban cigar shop. In the meantime, if you're hungry for more Cuban cigar knowledge, check out our Cuban cigar blog:


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