An Ultimate Bucket List: 4 Things Every Aficionado Dreams Of

An Ultimate Bucket List: 4 Things Every Aficionado Dreams Of

We can all agree that puffing away on a Cuban cigar is quite possibly one of life’s finest pleasures. The Cuban cigar world is full of so many great experiences and we want to help you aficionados take full advantage of it. So, we’ve put together a list of things that can kick start your aficionado bucket list!

 Streets of Havana. EGM


#1: A SMOKE IN CUBA – With winter coming into full swing we cannot help but dream of relaxing in the Tropicana’s of Cuba. Just imagine chilling out with a refreshing cocktail in one hand and the iconic Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar in the other - without a care in the world. Could you think of a better destination to add to your bucket list? It’s the place where it all began. The place that awarded you with your pride and joy. Sparking up a smoke just where it was born is a feeling quite like no other. From the bustling streets of Havana to the tranquillity of the golden beaches – it truly is an unforgettable place.

Tobacco Fields of Cuba. egm


#2: TAKE A WALK IN THE TOBACCO FIELDS – Each one of our cigars for sale online goes through a unique journey – sometimes for what can take years and years before it’s ready to be sparked up. What would be better than getting a chance to see where the journey begins? Visit the Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba – the most iconic region of tobacco fields. These fields have marked the creation of some of our favourite sticks – like the Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes Cigar. There are guided tours of the grounds, where you can feel the sun the leaves absorb on your skin and walk on the soil where they grow. A first-hand experience you will never forget.

El Laguito Factory Worker. egm


#3: VISIT THE INFAMOUS EL LAGUITO FACTORY – Here’s another outing to add to your Cuba itinerary – a visit to the El Laguito Factory. It’s the home to the most famous Cuban cigar brand in the world: Cohiba Cigars. It would be once in a lifetime chance to peek inside the walls of such a place. We have been lucky enough to do so – and we can tell you it’s not to be missed. Watching the hard-working torcedors put their heart and soul into these smokes is a humbling sight. One of which we hope each of you aficionados get to see one day! 

Picking a Cigar. egm


#4: SMOKING THAT CIGAR – Whether it be a limited edition cigar that you were lucky enough to get your hand on or a vintage edition cigar that you’re saving for a special occasion – we all have that cigar. You know, the one smoke you are saving, as you just don’t know when will be the right time to light it up. Well, let us tell you – smoking that cigar is worthy of the bucket-list status. The feeling when you finally experience its flavours and aromas is just incomparable. 


Davidoff Office Palladium. EGM

The Davidoff Office Humidor - Rosewood Palladium.


#5: SUCCESSFULLY AGE YOUR SMOKES – We’re sure that if you haven’t done so already, you’ve thought about ageing your cigars. Imagine the moment when you spark up the smoke you’ve been caring for and it tastes amazing! You’d even be able to share the moment with your fellow smokers and see what they think. All you need is a cigar humidor such as the Davidoff Office Humidor – Rosewood Palladium. It’s something that every aficionado needs to try, as an aged cigar will have flavours quite like no other. 

There are 5 things that you aficionados need to add to your bucket list. Each of these things are must-try experiences, to get fully amerced in the world of Cuban cigars. Don’t forget to stock up on your smokes from our Cuban cigar shop – plus top up your knowledge on our Cuban cigar blog