XIV Amigos de Partagas: Day Three

XIV Amigos de Partagas: Day Three

The last day of Amigos de Partagas, the most popular Cuban Cigars event in Europe, was more than we could ever imagine. After a late finish to La Gozadera at approximately 2 am, we woke up the next morning later than expected. We do not regret staying late the night before though, as Haila Mompie's concept was everything we could ask if not more. Soon after we left our rooms, we returned to Borgo Lanciano for another relaxing day at the Amigos de Partagas venue with access to the pool and an opportunity for more cigar-related interviews.


LUNCH AND POOLSIDE - Hungry from the night before, we made our way to the resort's buffet. We recognise a mixture of familiar faces from last night's event, Cubans, Italians, as well as many other international guests. Today's buffet introduced new meals, such as pumpkin soup, prosciutto, pastas, risottos, and chocolate sponge cake. During our lunch, we spotted Haila Mompié sitting in one of the tables with her crew, colourfully dressed looking like a true superstar. We asked her if we could do a short interview for EGM cigars and, fortunately, she agreed. She was extremely friendly and optimistic about answering each and every one of our questions in Spanish. From she shared with us, Haila is currently in a European tour and was set to perform again in the exciting Gala dinner in the following evening. EGM Cigars filmed the interview and will soon be uploaded to our official YouTube channel – keep an eye out for the video!

We spent the rest of the day winding down and relaxing by the pool with other fellow cigar aficionados. With Borgo Lanciano being a spa hotel, so many of its relaxation facilities are to the best standard. A selection of olives, chips, and almonds accompanied by a bottle of champagne was available to order too.

xiv amigos de partagas day three

Hanging by the poolside at the Borgo Lanciano resort in Italy.


EVENING - After a fun warm day by the sun, we retreated back to our hotel and started getting ready for the Grand Gala dinner, the conclusion of the XIV Amigos de Partagas. The dress code was formal attire so we had no other choice but to put on a suit and a tie. Upon our arrival at the venue, we couldn't help but notice the red carpet laid out for the guests to queue upon. The Amigos de Partagas press was scattered around the venue to makes sure that there were pictures and videos taken from the attendees. Women had glittering long dresses on and men made sure to wear their bow ties. A large banner stating the "XIV Amigos de Partagas event" was held outside while lights of yellow and green were marking the entrance.

As we enter the venue, we notice the large set were speeches and performances were about to be held, while the tables were set up with the finest crystal glass and napkins to prepare for the upcoming 5-course meals. The menu was certainly something we won't be able to ever forget, including meals like  Millefoglie Di Patata di Colfiorito e Prosciutto, Il Timballo di Onofrio, and Delirio di Cioccolato. Besides thanking this year's attendees, the main attraction of this year's Gala Dinner was no other but Montecristo Supremos, one of the Limited Editions for 2019. A glass case featuring the cigar was there to greet everyone as making your way to your table.

xiv amigos de partagas day three egm cigars

Highlights from the Gala Dinner of the XIV Amigos de Partagas in Matelica, Italy.


THE SHOW - Throughout the evening there were spectacular performances by a number of Cuban performers, starting it off with a wonderful play of the trumpet, followed by Haila Mompie and her fantastic band – really bringing in the Cuban atmosphere. The screens behind the stage often displayed screen-shots and videos about the history of Montecristo, which dates back to the early 20th century.

As the night passed and the meals were served, every single one of the attendees had the pleasure to enjoy a smoke of their own cigars as well as complementary cigars handed out by the Senoritas, who were all dressed in dark, tight evening dresses. Francesco Minetti, president of Amigos de Partagas, appeared often on the stage along with the other hostesses to announce awards to aficionados who deserved the title.

Eventually, there was a presentation played on the large screen - a promo video featuring the brand new Montecristo. The video included young men and women smoking the new product accompanied with complementary music in the background to enhance the anticipation of the new product. The night came to an end after Haila Mompie performed her final performance with many of the guests leaving their tables and start dancing to the Cuban tunes. It wasn't long after this when we waved our final goodbyes to the XIV Amigos de Partagas and made our way back to Casa Rastia.


The Montecristo Supremos Limited Edition 2019 as it was showcased at the XIV Amigos de Partagas.

XIV Amigos de Partagas was anything but dull. From relaxing evenings by the pool to intense concepts and events, there's no doubt why the Cuban Cigars Online event is considered as the second best celebration after Festival del Habano. Whether you like the strong and complex aromas of Cohiba Behike 54 or you are a fan of the light flavours of the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, visit our Cuban Cigar Shop now and find the best cigar to your taste buds. Read more about this year's Amigos de Partagas from our Cuban Cigar Blog.