XIV Amigos de Partagas: Day Two

XIV Amigos de Partagas: Day Two

Day Two of XIV Amigos de Partagas was as lively and fun as Day One, if not more. After waking up at the beautiful countryside villa of Casa Rastia, we grabbed some breakfast, smoked a Cigar or two, and got ready to hit the road once again. The Italian summer was at full swing with the intense sun blazing onto the rolling hills. Driving through Matelica, we passed by the old walls built in the medieval times – a reminder of the city’s Roman and Byzantine rule.


BORGO LANCIANO - After a 20 minutes drive, we arrived safe and sound at Borgo Lanciano, ready to seize the day. A classic looking mansion surrounded by, nothing, but green hills, Borgo Lanciano is a luxurious resort to detach yourself from the big city and relax in a serene and tranquil environment. Some cold refreshments were in order, just to help us enjoy this warm summer day, served with snacks, like olives, chips, and almonds. Cigar aficionados were everywhere, enjoying each other's company in a lively and fun atmosphere. What really stood out though for us was the arrival of the amigos from Cuba. Cuban music was booming from their van, letting everyone one about their arrival.

All this great company, beautiful scenery, and warm weather worked up our appetite. Thankfully, it was lunch-time, just the right time to dive into the Borgo Lanciano's Grand Buffer. There was something for everyone at the buffet. From Italian inspired dishes with gnocchi, risotto, and pasta, to classic choices, like chicken, ham, and roast potatoes, we couldn't help ourselves but try as many of the resort's cuisine as possible. Our lunch was followed by the perfect summer dessert, a mix of fresh fruits, paired with some fine Italian wine.

XIV Amigos de Partagas: Day Two

The heavenly garden and outdoor lounge area of the Borgo Lanciano Resort outside Matelica, Italy.


THE POOLSIDE - What a better way to fight the heat than spending the evening by the pool. And that's exactly what we did. Fiesta La Piscina, the party by Borgo Lanciano's pool, was everything we could ask for, if not more. We enjoyed the warm Italian sun against our skin while socialising with other aficionados. One of this evening's highlights was, of course, the raffle held by Amigos de Partagas, were many cigar related gifts, such as mini habanos and leather Cigar Cases, were won. However, what truly made this gathering even more special was our discussion with champions of Habanos World Challenge 2019, Giulio Amaturo and Aurelio Tufano. We can certainly say that they were both kind, friendly, and personalities and we enjoyed talking with them about the Habanos world championship. Our 20 minutes interview with them will be soon released in the official EGM Cigars Youtube Channel.

LA GOZADERA - Soon after our conversation with Habano champions, we put on our shirt, tie and loafers and head to the piazza in Matelica, where La Gozadera was held. The annual event brings international attention to the town of Matelica and can be simply described as a celebration of all things cigars and luxury. Italian and Cuban cigars were everywhere around the piazza celebrating the Amigos de Partagas event. The attendees were all formally dressed, with men styling tuxes and suits and women wearing gowns. The commencement of the event began with the hostesses welcoming the crowd, with one speaking Italian and the other one Spanish. A few minutes later, the president of Amigos de Partagas, Francesco Minetti made his entrance on the stage paying his respect to this year's guests. The event welcomed aficionados from all over the world and gave us the chance to meet aficionados from South and North America, the Middle East, Europe, and, of course, Italy. We were happy to be joined by a few familiar faces as well, like cigar expert and friend Jasim Ahmed who has become annual attendees of Amigos de Partagas.

amigos de partagas xiv egm cigars

amigos de partagas xiv egm cigars

Enjoying a few of our EGM custom rolls during the Fiesta La Piscine at XIV Amigos de Partagas.


THE DINNER - The night concluded in the best way possible. Singer and performer Haila Mompié took over the stage and took us all to Cuba with her extraordinary beautiful sounds. The star was accompanied by her band, which was playing the drums, trumpet, and many more other instruments, as well as a group of backup singers and dancers. It wasn't long after her entrance to the stage when everybody stood up from their seats and began dancing to the beat of the music. We were pleasantly surprised to see many of the guests' sweet dance moves. Nevertheless, Cubans stole the show with their undeniable charisma on the dancefloor.

xiv amigos de partagas egm cigars

Haila Mompié made everyone dance to her music during the dinner at the piazza in Matelica.

That concluded the second day of the XIV Amigos de Partagas. Beautiful landscapes, historic city centres, and, of course, Cuban cigars, our second day at the festival was as good as it gets. Stay tuned for our review of the XIV Amigos de Partagas last day when we had the chance to smoke and experience first one of this year's Limited Editions, the Montecristo Supremos. Explore the fascinating world of habanos from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog: