Fonseca Cuban Cigars

This collection contains all of the Fonseca Cuban Cigars for sale that we currently have in our warehouse. These can be shipped nationally and internationally. 

Flavour: Light

With H. Upmann Cuban Cigars we witnessed the introduction of the anilla, with Ramon Allones the decoration of cigar boxes/packaging and with Fonseca, the use of a quality tissue paper to envelope the Cuban Cigars and provide capa (the outside leaf of the Habano) protection. An elegant and sophisticated touch still used on all products bearing the Fonseca logo to this day.

  • A unique silky tissue paper is used to protect and preserve the quality of this brands products.
  • Offers an enjoyable, rich yet light flavour.
  • Long filler and totally hand made.

A historic and very elegant brand that goes hand in hand with a light taste. Fonseca cigars offer exquisite flavours that make them so highly appreciated, especially throughout Europe.

This exceptional brand was founded in 1890 by Don Francisco Fonseca who brought his great attention to detail and appearances to the cigar industry. The brands trademark presentation partnered with the unique and enjoyable flavour offered by their products has led to the reputation of a great cigar to smoke following any light meal.

  • The brand was established in 1890.
  • Brings the great attention to detail and appearance of the founder to the cigars produced by the brand.
  • A unique & specific product range consisting of four sizes.

The Fonseca brand has consistently produced their quality products for decades now, with the brand continuing to produce just four vitolas totally by hand. Never compromising on the superb presentation and attention to detail that has made them so successful.