Por Larrañaga

Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars

In this category you will be able to find all of the Por Larrañaga Cuban Cigars in Regular Production on our website. These cigars can be securely shipped to any location worldwide and are done so safely and securely. 

Flavour: Light to Medium

The brand was born in 1834 by Spanish immigrant Ignacio Larrañaga and is now one of the oldest brands still manufacturing traditional Cuban cigars and by the end of the 19th century had become a very much revered and respected brand. During these years the brand created both affordable and more premium cigars, making them highly accessible to all members of the public.

  • Founded by a Spanish immigrant by the name of Ignacio Larrañaga.
  • Said to be one of the oldest brands still producing traditional Havana cigars.
  • The original factory was set up in the centre of Cuba. Home to some of the finest cigars in the world.
  • Considered a rarity to some due to the brands products not being available in all markets

The Cuban cigars found in this collection are now totally hand rolled.