Quai D'Orsay

Quai D'Orsay Cuban Cigars

Flavour: Light

The inspiration that led to the foundation of the Quai d'Orsay brand was found in an unlikely place. By admiring Parisian cafes and local bistros in the area, the brand developed a high quality cigar, hand rolled that offers a premium smoking experience. They have a passion for excellence much like EGM Cuban cigars!

Despite the unusual place to find inspiration for a cigar, the birth of the brand was a lot more straightforward than you might think! It was founded in 1973 by Cubatabaco, this was the state-owned company that before the foundation of Habanos SA, was responsible for the production and distribution of Cuban Cigars in collaboration with SEITA (the French equivalent).

  • Named after a well known street in Paris next to the river Seine.
  • Distinguished by their Claro (light brown) wrappers and mid brown colours.
  • Founded in 1973 and previously owned by Cubatabaco.

Quai d'Orsay is a brand for the local market. It was only handled autonomously for a short while by the French giant (the only other case happened with the brand, now out of production, Siboney) before it came back to the brands of Habanos SA for strategic reasons.

Among all the names, Quai d'Orsay was chosen for its commemorative merits to three main components.

• One, to commemorate the main streets in Paris
• Two, to commemorate the Foreign Ministry on the same street
• Three, to commemorate SEITA (Société Nationale d'Exploitation Industriel de Tabac et Allumettes) which is also on this street

The vitolas in this collection are completely hand-rolled and filled with only the finest tobaccos, which in turn provides the cigar smoker with the most memorable combination of flavours. Quai d'Orsay cigars are very popular for their Claro leaf wrappers that give these puros their gorgeous light tanned colour. Find out more about claro leaves and other cigar-related terms by visiting our Cuban Cigars Glossary now.

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