Quintero Cuban Cigars

In this collection our customers can view all of the Quintero Cuban Cigars for sale on our website. We can ship these to anywhere in the world and ensure that they kept in perfect condition until they reach their destination. 

Flavour: Medium

If you want to produce cigars but happened to be born in Cienfuegos, you are likely to be one if not the only brand to be born away from the Capitolio area. This was the case for Quintero and its founders. A now flourishing brand, Quintero was created by brothers who grew up in a town about 250km away from the capital of Havana. This minor set back did not stop their passion for high quality cigars, growing their brand into what is now a unique and competitive manufacturer of premium Cuban cigars.

  • Founded in an unusual area about 250km outside of the Havana capital.
  • One of the few cigar brands to come out of Cienfuegos.
  • Created by Agustin Quintero and his four brothers.

Quintero does not have the same features as other well-known brands (such as Montecristo Cuban cigars), making it stand out and a smoking experience all aficionados should try! The brands products are great for those looking for a excellent Habanos cigar that offers great value for money.

  • Offers the flavour of Habanos at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Made with a short filler and totally hand made.
  • Produced with tobacco leaves from the popular and traditional Vuelta Abajo area.

It is also considered somewhat of a rarity due to its geographical location on the island of Cuba. Despite the peculiar location where the brand was born, their cigars are produced with tobacco leaves from the areas of Vuelta Abajo, the world famous production area when it comes to Cuban cigars.

All Quintero cigars are totally handmade, have a short filler and the taste of this cigar is medium.