Ramón Allones

Ramón Allones Cuban Cigars

This collection contains all of the Ramón Allones Cuban Cigars in our warehouse, which can be shipped to any global destination. 

Flavour: Full

Ramón Allones is one of the biggest names in the history of Habanos. Founded in 1837, it is also one of the oldest brands still in production.

A Galician by birth Ramón Allones was the first cigar manufacturer to pack his Habanos in boxes decorated with labels and stamped with his brand’s emblem. He was the pioneer of the packaging tradition that we know today. This consistent innovation mixed with high quality, blended tobacco means that the brand is still one of the top Cuban cigar manufacturers around today.

  • Founded in 1837. Amongst some of the oldest original brands still in production.
  • First to use traditional 'branding' techniques employed by all cigar brands today (decorated boxes and logos stamped on labels).
  • A flavoursome blend of tobacco loved by the founder still used in the product well over a century later.

All sizes are filled with a blend of filler and binder tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo zone, characterised by their intense and complex taste. Amongst the best known sizes are the Gigantes and the Specially Selected.

The whole range is composed of Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made in Habanos.

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