Trinidad Cuban Cigars

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Flavour: Medium

It was 1514 in the city of Villa De la Santìsima Trinidad when this high quality brand was founded by Diego Velàzquez de Cuèllar and is widely considered one of the most beautifully preserved cities in the Caribbean. For this reason, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, a prestigious award recognised throughout the world. The Trinidad Havana cigar is a tribute to this stunning city.

As with the Cohiba, the Trinidad was originally the exclusive preserve of politicians and diplomats both at home and abroad. It has been available to the general public in limited quantities since 1998. At the turn of the millennium however, as other brands of the elite Habanos appeared on the market, the highly-prized Trinidad became more widely available (much to the joy of aficionados looking to purchase premium quality Cuban Cigars).

  • Up until 1998 the cigars produced by the brand where available only as gifts for foreign diplomats.
  • Due to increasing demand the manufacturing of these cigars had to be moved from the original factory El Laguito over to Pinar del Rio city closer to the plantations in which the best tobacco is grown.
  • A tribute to the stunning city in which the brand was born, Villa De la Santisima.

For decades the Trinidad has been produced in El Laguito, famous for producing the very finest cigars including the Cohiba Cigars. At first the Trinidad was offered to the Aficionados market in a single Vitola; there is now a choice of five. All of which are of a medium strength and rolled entirely by hand with Tripa Larga leaves. Although not the largest vitolario in all of the Habanos' brands, the Trinidad has the perfect selection of sizes, making its outstanding characteristics accessible to all connoisseurs.