Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigars

The Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigars for sale in this category are boxed and available to be shipped worldwide.

Flavour: Medium to Full

When considering all of the superb Cuban cigars available, Vegas Robaina really makes a great ambassador of the industry and tobacco leaf cultivation as whole.

So why the name…Robaina. The brand name was chosen to represent all those self-employed farmers who produce the best tobacco products each year in Cuban soil. The current exquisite cigar products are the result of years of local farmers' hard work. Countless days, months and years spent cultivating the best processes and techniques in order to grow tobacco of the highest quality.

Vegas Robaina Cigars Fact File.

  • First introduced in 1997
  • Consisting of just 5 vitolas
  • Totally hand rolled with a long-filler.
  • The taste of these cigars is between middle to full.

Alejandro Robaina is an exceptional representative of the local people we have to thank for many of the fine Cuban cigars sold on the market. He has dedicated numerous interviews to raising awareness of the tobacco trade and in doing so his cultivation company has become one of the most visited places for those traveling through Pinar del Rio.

In one of these interviews, whilst speaking about Cuban cigars and the Vegas Robaina brand, Alejandro admitted that perhaps none of the leaves from his precious cultivation would actually be used for the products that you will find online. What do we think? We think that some of the leaves are used for the infamous Vegas Robaina range whereas some are separated and blended into other super high quality cigars! Such as the globally known Diplomaticos Cuban Cigars.