Partagas Salomones Cigar LCDH (Box of 10)

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It is no secret that the Partagas Salomones Cigar LCDH is one of the most attractive cigars on the market today.

The gorgeous double perfecto is one of the hardest formats to roll and only the finest torcedors are able to achieve it, making it one of the most sought after Partagas Cuban cigars on the market. 

This LCDH Editions Cigar is full flavoured and its Salomon vitola measures at 184mm by a hefty ring gauge of 57.  

This particular cigar was made exclusively for LCDH stores and stands out because it is hand made using the finest tobacco leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo and delivers a delicious, flavourful smoke.

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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Length: 184mm
Vitola de galera: Salomon
Ring: 57
Presentation: 1 layer in a box of 10 pcs