How to: Fix a Damaged Cigar

How to: Fix a Damaged Cigar

It’s a true tragedy when you spot an injured solider tucked away in your cigar humidor. We feel for any aficionado who goes through the heart-break of noticing a crack or split in your precious Cuban cigar! We know that it’s incredibly annoying, especially when it’s your favourite cigar or a rare limited edition cigar. So, what if we told you that this isn’t always the end for you and your smoke? We’re here today to give you 3 sure-fire ways to fix your damaged cigar. 

Cohiba 50 Aniversario Travel Humidor. egm

The Cohiba 50 Aniversario Travel Humidor.



METHOD #1 – The first method we bring to you is lip balm. Yep, you heard us right! This is a pretty popular method among aficionados, as it’s quick and not to mention convenient. It’s almost certain that you could find a lip balm in your house or at least one of your smoking partners will have one to hand. The adhesive qualities found in lip balms make them a quick fix saviour for any cracked smokes. All you have to do is lay the wrapper down and gently apply the lip balm to seam – ensure you’re exceedingly gentle to prevent any further damage to the stick. Providing you use a plain lip balm, which has no scent, flavour or colour; this won’t affect the taste of your cigar. So aficionados, grab yourself a Cohiba 50 Aniversario Travel Humidor and tuck your lip balm inside with your smokes. That way you’ll be prepared should an emergency commence! 


METHOD #2 – The next method is sure to solve your cigar problems; make your own cigar glue. Torcedors use cigar glue when they’re rolling away in the factories to hold their masterpiece together. Now, you can create a near replica of the glue with a baking ingredient called fruit pectin – it’s a powder which thickens when liquid is added to it. What’s so great about this is that it’s so accessible, just take a trip to your local supermarket and your sure to get hold of some! All you need is a tiny glass, some distilled water and a box of fruit pectin (obviously). Pour the powder into the glass, add the water and give it a stir – you want to create a soupy consistency. If you want to be particular you can use a small paintbrush to apply the mixture to the relevant areas – or you can just use a light-hand and your finger. The only drawback of this method is that that glue needs some time to dry – so it’s not much of a quick fix. However, it’s most certainly worth the wait, as your smoke will pretty much taste exactly how it would fresh out the box! 

Maxijet S.T Dupont Lighter.EGM

The Maxijet S.T Dupont Matt Black Lighter.


METHOD #3 – The final method we have for you today simply involves the cigar band. Sometimes a cigar has crossed the line and there’s no coming back from the damage it’s faced. Let’s say there is a fairly large split in the middle of your cigar – no lip balm or glue can reverse the damage. So, although this method is by no means as efficient as the others – it’s great when you have a cigar that’s way too good to waste. All you need to do is carefully slide the band down to the split, and there you have it. It’s ready to spark up with the Maxijet S.T Dupont Lighter – Matt Black. It shall hold the cigar together while you smoke and you can just move the band as you puff away – easy right? Although this will not solve the bad draw, it’s ideal for when you simply cannot give up your treasured smoke. 

We hope we’ve provided some solutions to your cigar problems! Be sure to stock up on your favourite smokes from our Cuban cigar shop. Plus, if you’re after some more cigar tips and tricks, check our Cuban cigar blog: