Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Cuban Cigars

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Cuban Cigars

Undoubtedly the most popular religious and cultural celebration to ever come from Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day pays tribute to, no other, but Saint Patrick, the Romano British missionary who travelled all the way to Ireland in an attempt to convert Irish pagans to Christianity. The day of celebrations marks St. Patrick’s death. Thousands of people from all over the world, are dressed in green, a colour strongly associated with Irish nature and political history, sipping on Guinness as to commemorate the figure. In Sunday, March 17rh, London will be, also, celebrating the foremost patron saint of Ireland with a number of events and festivities taking place all over the city. That been said, in today’s post we offer you the ultimate guide to celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day with the company of Cuban Cigars.


LONDON ST. PATRICK’S PARADE – Following an annual tradition, a glorious parade dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day will fill the streets of central London on March 17th. Flamboyant pageantry, elaborate floats, marching bands from all over the UK, sports clubs, and Irish dance schools and clubs will amaze the audience from Piccadilly all the way to Trafalgar Square, passing through all the city’s great monuments. Why not make this day even grander by smoking your favourite habanos?

Due to its short length, the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar makes a great outdoorsy smoke. Coming in a Robustos vitola, one of the best formats, this puro measures at 124 mm by a ring gauge of 50 and delivers a full flavoured profile, characteristic of the Romeo y Julieta Cigars - making this habano the perfect cigar choice for this festive day. Equally short in length but full of strong aromas, the Partagas Shorts Cigar is a great puro to puff while enjoying the parade. Perfect for any cigar aficionado, the shorts cigar is capable of producing deep and complex flavours – ideal for enriching your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

romeo and julieta short churchills cigar and partagas shorts cigar egm cigar

Left: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar, Right: Partagas Shorts Cigar


TRAFALGAR SQUARE FESTIVAL – This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival will take place in Trafalgar Square on March 17th, between 12 pm and 6 pm. Overall, the London St. Patrick’s Day Festival is well-known for its live acts, including performances from popular artists, famous Irish acts, rising stars, and special guests. On top of that, attendees will have the opportunity to tuck into traditional and modern Irish food from the market, built exclusively for this event. This would be the best place and time for cigar smokers to enjoy the day’s festivities with any from our selection of Cuban Cigars Online.

A relatively quick smoke, the Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar will certainly do the trick on this occasion. Capable of producing a number of distinctive aromas, the medio siglo puro provides the smoker with thirty minutes of pure smoking pleasure, making it the perfect habano to puff during the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Slightly larger yet equally interesting in terms of flavours, the Sancho Panza Non Plus Cigar is certainly a smoke to remember. Measuring at 129 mm in length by a ring gauge of 42, this habano delivers a medium bodied strength and a smoke full of creamy notes, an exceptional cigar to enjoy while at the festival.

cohiba medio siglo cigar and sancho panza non plus cigars egm cigars

Left: Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar, Right: Sancho Panza Non Plus Cigar


CELEBRATE IT WITH A DRINK – The most Irish thing to do during St. Patrick’s Day is certainly to enjoy an Irish beer. Whether you are at your pub’s outdoor garden or at your favourite bar terrace, there couldn’t be a better way to enjoy this celebratory weekend than with a pint of Guinness - or any other drink of your preference. Regardless the drink you choose to accompany you for this year's St. Patrick’s Day, a habano would definitely make your experience even more exquisite.

A cigar popular amongst cigar enthusiast worldwide, the Juan Lopez Punto 55 Cigar (Ex. Francia 2018) would be the perfect pair to your St. Patrick’s Day drink. Measuring at 130 mm in length by a ring gauge of 55, the punto 55 cigar is wrapped in a montesco vitola - a Regional Editions puro that would excite even the most demanding cigar smoker. Medium in strength yet delivering anumber of complex aromas, the Trinidad Reyes Cigar is perfect for when the time is of the essence. Known for its exceptional construction, this habano would be the most suitable cigar to light while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a pint of beer.

trinidad reyes cigar and juan lopez punto 55 cigar ex francia 2018 EGM Cigars

Left: Trinidad Reyes Cigar, Right: Juan Lopez Punto 55 Cigar (Ex. Francia 2018) 

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we offered you the most extensive guide on how to pair this year’s festivities with your favourite Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. Why not check out more from our Cuban Cigar Blog and find out today what makes Habanos so special?