Cigar Case: Why You Need One

Cigar Case: Why You Need One


With our daily routine becoming increasingly hectic, we are all having less and less free time to enjoy ourselves – less and less time to light a fine Habano. Whether you are a busy workaholic or you just have a very active social life, you don’t always have the privilege to smoke Cuban Cigars leisurely. That been said, cigar cases have become a necessity for cigar smoker - a cigar accessory that every modern day smoker has to have. In today's blog post we discuss the importance of cigar cases and touch on the reasons why every cigar aficionado needs one.

lighting a habano at the hari london cuban cigars at corinthia london EGM Cigars

Left: Lighting a Habano at The Hari, London, Right: Cuban Cigars at Corinthia, London


PROTECTION AND SAFETY – Keeping your cigars safe is an unbreakable rule for every type of cigar smoker. From travelling for entertainment to your daily transportation to work, there is no harm in wanting to bring your favourite puros with you to smoke. However, transfers can be dangerous for your puros. Thus, be extra cautious when travelling with your cigars as doing it carelessly can damage the wrapper or, even worse, break your puros. A cigar case crafted of the finest materials is the right Cigar Accessory to avoid such problems and misfortunes.

Extremely durable and with a contemporary yet slick design, the Carbon Fibre Cigar Case is every cigar aficionado’s best friend. This material allows cigars to fit inside the case with easy while, at the same time, provides protection for any of our Cuban Cigars for Sale Online. Why not pair it with a fine puro and witness its great capabilities for yourself. An excellent smoke for between meetings or when time is of the essence, the Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Maire Cigar measures at just 100 mm by a 30 ring gauge - fitting perfectly in your carbon fibre cigar case.

carbon fibre cigar case hoyo de monterrey LE HOYO DU MAIRE CIGARS EGM CIGARS

Left: Carbon Fibre Cigar Case, Right: Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Maire Cigar


PRESERVATION – There is no doubt that cigars require special care. Their environment should always be monitored as to secure the right temperature and humidity levels for them to be properly preserved. Any deviation or divergence from these standards can actually harm your smoke and, thus, reduce your pleasure. That’s why a cigar case is essential when you are travelling with your puros. Whether you are on the run or on your way to vacation, a good case guarantees the preservation of your cigars.

Made from genuine high quality leather, the Cohiba Cigar Case is the ideal addition to any cigar aficionados pocket. Vivid yellow meets timeless black in a modern yet classic design – this stylish case promises to protect and preserve the quality of your smokes. And what could possibly be a better fit to a Cohiba cigar case than a Cohiba Habano. A popular choice amongst cigar aficionados, the Cohiba Siglo VI Cigar, capable of balancing intense aromas with strong flavours, is the most suitable puro for the strong yet glamorous Cohiba case.

cohiba cigar case cohiba cigars siglo vi EGM Cigars

Left: Cohiba Cigar Case, Right: Cohiba Siglo VI Cigar


COMFORT AND STYLE – Carrying your cigars in your hands is neither comfortable nor fashionable. Habanos are a symbol of leisure, sophistication, and style and holding your H. Upmann Cigars in your hands is certainly a major mistake. Having said that, invest in a cigar case today. Not only will serve as a refined, stylish, and luxurious touch to your overall look functioning but, at the same time, a cigar case is an easy and comfortable way to carry your smokes everywhere with you.

A true sartorialist’s item, the Montecristo Cigar Case offers a premium and high end feel to every cigar aficionado. Available in a distinctive salmon pink colour and engraved with the Montecristo logo on its front, this gorgeous case is one of the chicest cigar cases on the market that guarantees extreme comfort. Be a bit extra and pair your case with the Punch Regios de Punch Edicion Limitada 2017 Cigar for a truly luxurious feel. Dressed in rich, dark wrappers, these cigars measure at 120 mm in length by a 48 ring gauge – fitting perfectly within the Montecristo case.


Left: Montecristo Cigar Case, Right: Punch Regios de Punch Edicion Limitada 2017 Cigar

From having a quick smoke after a meeting to packing your puros for a special evening in the city, cigar cases are an essential cigar accessory for every type of smoker. Always look at the features of your cigar case though – not all cigars fit in every cigar case. Keep up with our Cuban Cigars Online blog for luxury living, lifestyle, and everything Habano.