Cigars as an Instrument of Contemporary Feminism

Cigars as an Instrument of Contemporary Feminism

Since the rise of the Late Victorian female model of The New Woman – a prototype woman that had access to education and was capable of standing on her own two feet, women and various feminist movements have been working endlessly towards gender and sex equality. In an attempt to break taboo and stereotypical gender-based views, and finally claim their rightful position in the public sphere, women have been increasingly invading everything that was once considered exclusively for men. Amongst these, the ritual of smoking Cuban Cigars plays a vital role in assisting women in their fight for equality. With the numbers of women cigar aficionados rapidly growing, here we explore the ways in which women exploit their love for habanos as an instrument of contemporary feminism.


FEMALE EMPOWERMENT – The so-called girl power exists and is certainly stronger than ever. Women, either separately or through supporting one another, have been trying to demonstrate their empowered and independent aspect of their characters for the last few decades, not as to exclude themselves from men but as to prove that are capable of standing tall as individuals. In an effort to express their strong, wholesome personalities, they seek to thrive in any stereotypically masculine-related environment, habit, or ritual, like the one of puffing on Cuban Cigars Online.

The art of smoking cigars has always been related to esteem, sophistication, and high status. It certainly vibrates a feeling of authority – something women were so cruelly deprived of in the past decades. However, with women increasingly expressing their passion for Cuban cigars, the once male-dominated ritual has become a source of esteem and social empowerment for the modern day female cigar smoker. The last few years, social media have been increasingly taken over by female cigar smokers who are both well-educated regarding the industry and, at the same time, are avid cigar aficionados.

Famous cigar reviewer and one of the most popular female cigar aficionados, Cigar Vixen, also known as Delicia Silva, has been a female cigar smoker’s idol since 2012 when she first started her YouTube channel. During our interview with her, we had the chance to realise the importance of having a female voice within the cigars industry while, when we started talking about cigars, she clearly expressed her appreciation for the vintage Cohiba Coronas Especialles Cigar. Capable of producing undeniably some of the most unique flavours, the Cohiba Coronas Especialles Cigar is perfect both in size and flavours, no wonder why such an experienced cigar smoker lists it as one of her favourites.

cigars as an instrument of contemporary feminism

Popular cigar reviewer and aficionado Cigar Vixen, also known as Delicia Silva


ATTACKING GENDER EXPECTATION – Society was built on rules many times unfair to the individual. That been said, since the dawn of time, women have been facing social pressure regarding fulfilling certain expectation and roles. To this, day, many societies treat women as highly domesticated – viewed as the angel of the home, chained to everything household-related. Feminism and all its movements attack this unjust notion, suggesting that patriarchy should not predetermine the future of women, limiting them in the private sector. Cigar smoking women challenge these gender expectations by following the once exclusively male-dominated ritual of cigar smoking.

The revolution towards questioning gender expectations was led by strong female celebrities who have been publicly spotted puffing on cigars. Music icon and one of the most influencing figures of our generation, Beyoncé is no stranger to smoking cigars while, amongst the star’s favourite habanos are any from the Cohiba Cigars and the Romeo y Julieta Cigars. A woman of great talent as she sings, performs, acts and many more, Jennifer Lopez is certainly a strong female persona who, simultaneously, happen to have a weak spot for smoking Cuban cigars. Her favourite smoke you ask? No other than the Montecristo Petit Edmundo Cigar. Coming in a relatively small format, this habano delivers the same fantastic flavours found in larger smokes, making it one of the brand’s finest Regular Production Cigars. One of the most controversial businesswoman and undoubtedly the most popular persona in social media, Kim Kardashian West is another female cigar smoker challenging gender expectations. The celebrity recently uploaded an all-female picture on her Twitter account while puffing on Cohiba habanos with her sisters. If that's not female empowerment then we certainly don’t know what is.

 jennifer lopez the kardashians and beyonce smoking cuban cigars EGM Cigars

Top Left: Jennifer Lopez smoking a Cohiba cigar, Top Right: The Kardashian sisters puffing on habanos, Bottom: Beyonce smoking a Cuban cigar


CHALLENGING MASCULINITY – Very much popular during the postfeminism movement, questioning masculinity has significantly contributed to women’s fight towards equality. To do so, women either challenge or attack anything stereotypically masculine related or choose to embrace male standards and qualities in an androgynous way. Of course, Cuban cigars have served as the best way to achieve that. The most obvious and distinct examples of women challenging masculinity with habanos lie in pop culture.

Music icon and often referred to as the “Queen of Pop”, Madonna is well-known for challenging masculinity. From her tailored tuxedos to her rather masculine looking poses, Madonna has even posed while puffing a cigar, an image that certainly vibrates an androgynous profile, challenging masculine standards. An artist of equal success and a very accomplished businesswoman, Rihanna is also a big cigar smoker. Despite been captured multiple times by paparazzi while puffing on a cigar, Rihanna even smoked a thick habano during a music video with Shakira in a rather voluptuous and dominating way. In particular, many have argued that the smoke that Rihanna was puffing on her music video was no other than the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar. A puro popular for its dark coloured wrapper leaves, the genios cigar is capable of producing plenty of deep and complex aromas – fitting with the star’s overwhelming image.

madona rihanna and shakira smoking cigars EGM Cigars

Top Left, Bottom: Madonna posing while puffing on cigars, Top Right: Rihanna and Shakira smoking habanos on a music video

Having been considered as a men’s ritual for decades, female cigar smokers challenge that idea by transforming habanos into a symbol of contemporary feminism. Regardless your sex or gender, Cuban Cigars for Sale Online are meant to be enjoyed and there is nothing that can change that. Check out more from our Cuban Cigar Blog and find out everything there is to know about the Cuban Cigars industry: