Experimenting With Cigars: 4 Unique Cigars To Try This 2020

Experimenting With Cigars: 4 Unique Cigars To Try This 2020


It can be easy to stick to what you're comfortable with. But with the plethora of tobacco in the Cuban cigar market, it would be a shame if you haven't experimented with the wide range of unusual shapes, unusual colours or unusual flavours. By trying new Cuban Cigars, you can extend your whole perspective of the cigar industry. If you're used to smoking mild-medium smokes, maybe it's time to try out fuller-bodied cigars. Or, if you don't usually go for luxurious, expensive cigars - perhaps it's time you try one. Yes, there is always the quest to finding the perfect cigar, but sometimes, it's nice to explore and have fun with different kinds of stogies. Now that it's 2020, it's the ideal time to get out of your comfort zone. So, without further ado, here are four cigars that you can add to your humidor:


partagas culebras

Partagas Culebras.


Perhaps the most unusual cigar in our Cuban Cigar Shop - is the Partagas Culebras. This cigar presents itself as three panetelas intertwined and twisted together to resemble a vine, or a 'snake' ('culebra' means snake in Spanish). Without a doubt, this is the ultimate experiment for an aficionado. Unlike regular Cuban cigars, this cigar requires a torcedor's exceptional wrapping skill to make such an intriguing vitola. Once you pull apart the slim panetelas, you might assume it would be quite a light smoke - but don't be fooled! Each cigar is packed with fantastic flavour and is a real favourite among curious aficionados. A great cigar to share out with friends.


cohiba behike 52

Cohiba Behike 52.


I'm sure every single one of you knows this cigar. This is the holy grail of all cigars - the Cohiba Behike 52. It is made with 'cream of the crop' tobacco from the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba, as well as rolled by the finest torcedores in the country. If you're trying to find the definition of 'perfection', then this is it. One glance at a box of BHK52s immediately exhumes an air of luxury. We added this cigar to the list because we believe that 2020 could be the perfect year for you to try a highly-sought cigar. The Behike line is particularly unique due to the 'rare' media tiempo leaf added to the blend, adding heaps of complexity. Many of you may have never tried such cigars, but maybe it's time you do! Yes, it may be expensive, but it's worth it. We recommend any serious aficionado to try this cigar at least once in their lives.


A great way to become adventurous with cigars is by trying new colours. For many cigar enthusiasts, the 'colorado' wrapper is the most popular choice - but there is actually a whole plethora of wrappers for you to choose from - from a fresh green hue to a very dark one. If one day you decide to try something new, we recommend you try the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. The Secretos is a stunning cigar encased within a dark and oily wrapper called 'maduro'. Maduro is the Spanish word for 'ripe', and it perfectly describes the process that the tobacco goes through. There is a misconception that Darker Cigars Are Stronger, when in reality, the more sun exposure, the more it mellows out the flavour and creates a slightly sweeter taste. If you get your hands on this dark-chocolate beauty, then we recommend you smoke it as a dessert cigar.


Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018.


Many aficionados are intimidated to try full-bodied cigars - and we cannot blame them - some cigars do pack a punch! Some aficionados are drawn away by stronger cigars, but there is also a handful who do enjoy a stronger smoke. So, another way to be adventurous is to try a full-bodied cigar. We're talking about cigars produced by brands like Ramon Allones, Bolivar and Partagas - these brands know a thing or two about producing strong cigars. There is an extensive range of powerful stogies out there, but for this article, we recommend the Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018. The Soberanos is loved by dozens of aficionados for its exceptional tasting notes and strength in flavour. It's no surprise it tastes fantastic as the tobacco was cultivated in the renowned Vuelta Abaja region of Cuba. With its thick vitola and outstanding, robust flavours - it's safe to say that the word 'Soberanos' ('Sovereign' in English) is perfect for this seemingly regal cigar. Beautifully paired with a glass of whiskey!

We hope that this list inspires you aficionados to become adventurous in cigars this 2020. Interested in reading more articles about the world of Cuban cigars? Check out our Cuban Cigar Blog: