How to Cure 'Cigar Sickness'

How to Cure 'Cigar Sickness'

Just imagine, sitting down, lighting up a good Cuban Cigar and lifting to puff. You are enjoying the smoke, but all of a sudden, you start feeling lightheaded and sick. So now, you are now completely turned off by the cigar and have to dispose of it - what a waste! We're sure that you aficionados have experienced cigar sickness at least once in your life, and it is certainly an unpleasant experience. Though experienced cigar smokers are less likely to get cigar sickness, it continues to happen to many people.  So how can you cure cigar sickness? Read below to find out.


TOO MUCH NICOTINE - The cigar you may be smoking may be too intense for you; therefore, your body will react by becoming nauseous and sickly. Smoking a full-bodied cigar can be quite exciting to try; however, it is better to stick with stogies that your body can handle. Remember, the stronger the tobacco, the higher the amount of nicotine. By ingesting more than what your body can typically handle , you will start to feel ill and sweaty due to the heavy amounts of nicotine.

THE TOBACCO ITSELF - Did you know, the way your cigar has been made can also cause you to feel sick? Sometimes, tobacco leaves still have traces of pesticides in their leaves and therefore, can lead to these sickly symptoms. The reason for this is because they have not been aged long enough. To avoid these kinds of cigars, we suggest you opt for Handmade cigars over Machine-made cigars and make sure that your newly bought cigars spend time in a humidor, like the S.T. Dupont Humidor.

EGM Custom Blend Cigar.


DO NOT INHALE OR SWALLOW - A mistake that newbies often make is that they try to inhale or swallow the smoke. The correct way is to puff and releases the smoke out of your mouth. Like we stated above, the smoke will contain additional nicotine that will lead to imminent cigar sickness if you take the smoke in your system. Remember; cigars aren't cigarettes, so you shouldn't treat them the same. 

SLOW DOWN - Take your time when smoking cigars. A common mistake beginner smokers make is that they puff the cigar too quickly. Rapidly smoking the cigar will cause the tobacco leaves to burn at a faster rate, creating a bitter-tasting cigar and allowing nicotine to get into your system quickly. Consequently, you will feel the sickness. You shouldn't puff the cigar more than once or twice within a minute. Slowing slowly can also enhance your cigar smoking experience, by helping you to feel much more relaxed and allowing you to savour the flavours. 

AVOID STRONG CIGARS - Try not to force yourself to smoke cigars you can't handle. If you are a beginner, you should gradually work your way up. Start with light-medium strengths, and once you're comfortable, you can move to the next level of intensity. Some beginner cigars you should try are the Cohiba Siglo I  and the Montecristo No. 3 Cigar.

PAIR IT WITH SOMETHING, DON'T SMOKE WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH - You should try pairing your cigar with a sugary beverage or snack. This will help raise your blood sugar levels and relieve the symptoms of cigar sickness. So, when in doubt, consume something sweet. Furthermore, you shouldn't smoke with an empty stomach. An empty stomach and a strong stogie is a recipe for disaster. If you're curious about the art of cigar pairing, we have a few articles on Pairing Cigars and Whiskey, Cigars and Food and Cigars and Tea.

We hope that these tips help you whenever you encounter cigar sickness! Perhaps you're looking for a great-tasting cigar to enjoy? Visit our Cuban Cigar Shop! And, for more exciting articles about Habanos, read the Cuban Cigar Blog: