Why Cigars Should Be Smoked Slowly

Why Cigars Should Be Smoked Slowly


Rushing to finish a cigar is a common mistake amongst cigar smokers, especially beginners and occasional ones.  If you truly enjoy smoking Cuban Cigars, there’s only one simple rule to keep in mind when puffing – take your time and enjoy them peacefully. Fast smoking a cigar always leads to a series of mistakes that will eventually decrease the pleasure of your smoking experience. In today’s post, we discuss the reasons why you should slow things down when smoking a puro.

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Enjoying a Bolivar Short Bolivar (Ex. Andorra 2017) Cigar at The Hari London


DAMAGING QUALITY – Great tobacco quality is what determines the enjoyment of your smoking and damaging it will undoubtedly lower your pleasure. Whether you are smoking a Regional Editions puro or a regular production cigar, frequent and hurried puffs diminish the quality of the smoke. A hastily smoked cigar heats up, its inner temperature rises and, thus, alters the quality of the smoke. Cigars made of fine tobacco leaves should always be smoked slowly and gently - as a way to demonstrate your appreciation for the exquisite quality of their tobacco leaves.

NICOTINE KICK –  Cigars, like cigarettes, contain nicotine and even if it’s not inhaled, large amounts of nicotine can be absorbed through the lining of your mouth. Smoking cigars fast reinforces the nicotine kick – leaving a strong or dissatisfying aftertaste to the smoker whose pleasure is reduced. In order to fully enjoy the flavours of a fine puro, a smoker needs to reduce the frequency of their puffs as to eliminate the intensity of the nicotine.

AN ACT OF LEISURE – A cigar is not something to rush through. It’s a refined pleasure that needs to be enjoyed slowly. Take your time to appreciate its flavours, aromas, and all the hard work behind its creation. Tobacco growers, cigar makers, and famous cigar brands like Partagas put a lot of effort into delivering you the finest Cuban Habanos – a delicate process that needs to be appreciated. A fine puro always needs time to reveal its true profile, especially when smoking cigars of excellent blend, like the Vintage Romeo Y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 2 Cigar. With medium yet complex flavours, this puro deserves to be slowly appreciated for its exquisite aromas and fine craftsmanship.

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Enjoying a Bolivar Short Bolivar (Ex. Andorra 2017) Cigar at The Hari London


PROPERLY LIT CIGAR – When smoking like mad you miss out on these little details that would maximise the enjoyment of your smoking experience. Not having your cigar properly lit is one of these mistakes that many smokers do when fast puffing. Take your time to rotate your cigar as you puff, so that the heat is uniformly distributed throughout the surface of your puro – creating a better burn and a noticeable improvement in flavour. Be even more meticulous when lighting up a cigar like the Montecristo Petit Edmundo Cigar - which offers an excellent draw and burn, to fully experience its deep flavours and aromas.

SMOKING WITH FINGERS – A fine cigar should not be kept in the mouth all the time. As a symbol of rest, leisure and sophistication, a puro needs to be felt between your fingertips. When taking fast and hurried puffs, a smoker fails to properly appreciate the taste and texture of a good cigar. Place it between your lips, take in a good draw, and, using your middle and your index fingers, hold it casually - this ritual brings its own pleasure to the smoker. The quality and texture of the wrapper leaf should also be admired while holding a cigar. Crafted with exquisite tobacco leaves from the Premium Vuelta Abajo region, the Vegas Robaina Familiar Cigar delivers a medium to full flavoured profile while its velvety texture will enhance the smoking experience of every cigar aficionado.

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Left: Montecristo Petit Edmundo Cigar, Right: Vegas Robaina Familiar Cigar

Cigars are meant to be enjoyed peacefully and everyone who tries to break, or even bend, this rule will have a rather unpleasant experience. From excellent quality wrapper leaves to puros that produce a great burn, we offer an extensive selection of fine Cuban Cigars Online. Here are our latest posts where we discuss everything you need to know about Cuban Cigars: