5 Useful Tips to Make Your Cigar Smoking Experience 10x Better

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Cigar Smoking Experience 10x Better

The famous Zino Davidoff said - "A cigar symbolizes rest, relaxation and leisure" - and we couldn't agree more! Just the simple ritual of sitting yourself down, relaxing and smoking a Cuban cigar fresh out of a humidor is pure bliss! The experience of smoking a cigar should be smooth and worry-free, however, things like uneven burning and bitterness can ruin your smoke. So, below not only have we listed the ways to tackle these issues, but some more ways to have a more enjoyable smoking experience. 


We're sure that you've made this mistake at least once. Often, amateurs become too occupied in trying to puff the cigar that they end up heating it quicker than they're supposed to. But what's the problem with that you ask? Frequently puffing the cigar can make the tobacco leaves burn much faster, and therefore generating chemicals and ammonia at a faster rate, destroying all the beautiful notes within your Cuban cigar - you wouldn't want that to happen to your pricey Cohiba Behike 56, do you? Remember, the unique thing about cigars is that they hold a bouquet of flavours, giving you a variety notes the more you smoke the stogie. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with slowing down and pause to savour all the flavours, if anything, it makes you much more relaxed! We recommend you gently hold the cigars between your fingers, then lift to puff after 1-3 minutes - giving it enough time to cool down a little and prepare itself for the next puff. It generally doesn't matter how you hold the cigar, but if you are curious, here is "How to Hold a Cigar: 5 Different Methods".

Enjoying a smoke at Amigos de Partagas.


Want to taste more flavours in your cigar? Then you should try 'Retrohaling'. Retrohaling is a great way to taste some notes you may not have identified through the conventional smoking technique. It involves releasing the smoke through your olfactory receptors (sense of smell), and out your nose. With this method, you will be able to enjoy fuller flavours from your stick and even discover more complexity as you smoke it. Generally, this practice isn't a very easy thing to do, but if you need visualisation, just imagine being submerged in water with the need to release some oxygen. Do this by pushing the air out from your lungs and through your nostrils, and voila! For more tips on How to Taste Notes within a Cigar, read the blog.


Don't you think it's nice to pair your tasty cigar with something on the side? Perhaps some whiskey, food or coffee? With the right combination of flavours, you can create the perfect pairing for your cigar. Not sure what cigar goes with what? In our Cuban Cigar Blog, we have guides on Pairing Cigars with WhiskeyPairing Cigars with Food and more, to make it that much easier for you to find the perfect combination. For instance, when it comes to pairing teas with cigars, darker teas go well with darker cigars such as the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar, as they complement each other's strength of body. For lighter teas, perhaps go for light-bodied cigars like the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Depute Cigar.

Maduro 5 Magicos and Cup of Black Tea.


Ever heard of the phenomenon of "canoeing"? This occurs when one side of the tobacco is burning quicker than the other, resulting in an uneven smoke. We hate it when this happens, and we're sure that you do too! To tackle this issue, you should turn the cigar now and then, so that the fast-burning side is at the top. The reason for this is that there is simply more oxygen on the underside, so by rotating it, it can slow down the burn to match the other side. Other ways keep your cigars burning evenly is to top up your cigar with a lighter like the Le Grand S.T. Dupont Lighter. This is part of the Art of Lighting a Cigar, and it is extremely important for a smooth smoke.


Sometimes you might find that your cigar is starting to taste bitter the longer you smoke it. Simply, it is because burning tobacco produces tar and ammonia. To get rid of these excess chemicals, you should try "purging" the cigar. To do this, blow gently through the stick until the smoke escapes. This will result in a much fresher taste as it gets rid of the odd flavours. This can help you to enjoy the cigar longer, avoiding premature disposal of your tobacco. So, just remember, if your cigar is starting to taste 'bitter' - counteract it by "purging" the cigar. There are also many other reasons why Cigars Taste Bitter, so, make sure you're aware of the reasons so you can avoid any "off-tasting" cigars in the future.

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