The 5 BEST Cigars to Smoke While Watching the US Tennis Open

The 5 BEST Cigars to Smoke While Watching the US Tennis Open

Above: Novak Djokovic in the 2019 US Open (Image: GETTY)

Tennis season is still going strong, and there are only seven days until the final! The US Open Tennis Championships is a yearly affair where hundreds of thousands of people can enjoying watching the fantastic skills that each tennis player has honed. Whether you are an avid watcher or a casual one; you cannot deny the excitement that arises when you are chilling out in the warm climate while watching the match closely. Imagine, sitting down with your windows push open, a nice cup of tea on one hand and a quality Cuban Cigar on the other while watching the tournament. Looking for a good cigar to smoke while watching the US Open? Look no further; we are giving you five, fantastic cigars you can smoke while watching the tournament.



If you are a real tennis enthusiast, then you should know the world-famous Boris Becker. He was a former German world number one professional tennis player who won numerous awards including an Olympic gold medal in doubles. Becker is known to be a cigar aficionado himself, often being spotted with a stick of tobacco in his mouth while parading in the tennis court or even in interviews. Maybe it is a little bit of an exaggeration, but who knows, cigars could potentially be credited for his success (one could only assume). Becker was also a coach to the Wimbledon 2019 Champion, Novak Djokovic, and continues to be a prominent voice in the sport of tennis. 

BORIS BECKER’S FAVOURITE – To pay homage to the cigar-loving tennis champion, we are choosing the Cohiba Behike – Becker’s favourite cigar line. Perhaps, quite a luxurious option to smoke, but totally worth it. It is one of Cohiba’s most sought after cigars, and we can see why. With the most wonderfully complex flavours, the Behike line is infused with individual ‘Medio Tiempo leaves that add that extra complexity to the cigar. Having notes of spices and cream, you will be in utter bliss while watching the finals. You may feel a little like a tennis champion after knowing that it is Becker’s favourite cigar – so that’s why smoking a Behike may be perfect for the occasion; especially if you are a tennis enthusiast!


Above: Boris Becker and his first Wimbledon title in 1985


HOYO DE MONTERREY EPICURE ESPECIAL – One of the finest Cuban exports, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial Cigar is beautifully balanced with the most exquisite flavours – no wonder it’s such an aficionado favourite! We chose this cigar because it is wonderfully light-bodied and mild, and therefore a perfect cigar under the summer intensity. With hints of vanilla, cocoa and spice flavours, you will be pleasantly surprised by the complexity of character despite its mild strength. Many aficionados consider this as a genuinely delicious smoke.

MADURO 5 MAGICOS – This is another excellent ‘special occasion’ pick, a slightly stronger cigar in comparison to the Epicure Especial, it is a great embodiment of what the intensity of the summer sun can create. If you didn’t know already, the leaves are used to construct the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos are ‘Ligero’ leaves found at the very top of the tobacco plant, and therefore, gets the most sun exposure. This cigar, along with the rest of Cohiba’s Maduro line has a unique, mellow distinctiveness, with notes of spice and coffee flavours. We chose this cigar as a great homage to the ‘summer tennis’ season, especially with the way it has been made. Read our blog post “Are Darker Cigars Stronger? To find out more about Maduro cigars.

 Left: Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos; Right: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial


RAFAEL GONZALES M. PANETELAS EXTRA – With a beautiful and thin Veguerito vitola, this Rafael Gonzales M. cigar has the perfect summer flavour while watching the tennis match. With floral, earth and cream notes, it is a milder cigar with that slight hint of sweetness. Pair the Panetelas Extra with a cup of coffee, and you now have the perfect afternoon smoke. This is a much-loved cigar by aficionados for a casual smoke that burns for a lengthy amount of time (40-50 minutes). So you know that you can last for most of the tennis match.

ROMEO Y JULIETA CHURCHILLS CIGAR – A pure classic, the thick Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar delivers a lot of character. With a medium-bodied, aromatic blend, you can find creamy, cherries and sweet flavours within this stick – which is a beautiful flavour for the summer. When you think of summer, you will think about the abundance of fresh berries, in which you can find notes of this cigar. Very smooth and flavourful, you will not be disappointed with this cigar.

Left: Rafael Gonzales M. Panetelas Extra; Right: Romeo y Julieta Churchills

These are our top five recommendations for when you watch the US Open Tennis match – or even if you just want to try out these cigars. For more of our premium cigar range, check out our Cuban Cigar Shop, or for exciting articles about cigars, read our Cuban Cigar Blog:


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