The Cigar Accessories Every Aficionado Needs for the Summer

The Cigar Accessories Every Aficionado Needs for the Summer

It takes more than finding the best terrace in London to enjoy fine Cuban Cigars this summer. Of course, warm weather, premium drinks, and on-point views are nothing but great companions to your summery smoking ritual, however, if you truly want to take your cigar game to the next level this season make sure to refresh your Cigar Accessories collection now. That been said, in today's post we provide you with our top cigar accessories picks for this summer that guarantee to make your smoking experience truly unique.

the cigar accessories every aficionado needs for the summer egm cigars

The S.T. Dupont Cigar cutters in Chrome Gray and Black.


CIGAR CASE - Whether you are an experienced smoker or an amateur one, you won't be able to enjoy a good cigar outside without a good cigar case. But since you will need one, why not take the most stylish one? Made from the most opulent brand on the market, the Cohiba Cigar Case is just the right accessory to get you cool for the summer. The case is made from high-quality leather while its two-tone design feature a dark black and bold yellow, the characteristic colours of Cohiba Cigars. An ideal cigar case for the season, the Cohiba cigar case can hold up to three cigars measuring up to 220 mm in length by a 56 ring gauge.

If you are not a big fan of bright and bold colours, even for the summer, there's no need to worry; we got you covered. The Montecristo Cigar Case is the pastel fantasy every aficionado needs for this season. Classic and timeless looking, this beautiful case is made from genuine leather in a pastel salmon pink and can secure three smokes that measure up to a 52 ring gauge. If this is not the chicest cigar case on the market then we certainly don't know what is!

Cohiba cigar case and montecristo cigar case egm cigars

Left: Cohiba Cigar Case, Right: Montecristo Cigar Case.


CIGAR CUTTER - There is only one brand we trust to provide us with the most refined cigar cutters on the market and that is no other than S.T. Dupont. Although the brand has an impressive collection of cigar cutters if we have to choose only one for the summer that would be the S.T. Dupont Cigar Cutter in Black and Red. Its slick design in timeless black with details in a vibrant, summery red makes it a great choice from the contemporary aficionado to the classic gent. The cutter's two blades manage to make a precise and well-rounded cut, perfect to enjoy any from our Best Cuban Cigars online this summer.

There is nothing more elegant than cutting your cigars with a beautiful scissor. That's why our Scissors Cutter in Chrome is here; to make this summer as sophisticated as possible. A classic and go-to option for every cigar aficionado, this scissors will make the excellent gift to any classic type of cigar smoker for this summer.

st dupont cigar cutter in black and red and sciccors cigar cuter from egm cigars

Left: S.T. Dupont Cigar Cutter in black and red, Right: Scissors Cutter in Chrome.


CIGAR LIGHTER - Once you have chosen your new cigar case and cutter for this season, it is only fair to get the right cigar lighter too. The perfect match to the Dupont cigar cutter is, of course, no other but the Maxijet S.T. Dupont Lighter in Matte Black and Red too. Perfect for the busy businessman and the laid back guy alike, the Dupont lighter provides a powerful flame, capable of lighting your cigar when the summer breeze is stronger than usual.

Some aficionados prefer their cigar accessories to be as opulent and classy as possible. We have the solution to this problem. Beautifully designed, the Ligne S.T. Dupont Lighter in Silver speaks to the one true gentleman. Despite its brilliant and unique design, the Ligne Lighter features a twin set flame, allowing every smoker to choose between a small, gentle flame or a powerful double one.

maxijet s t dupont lighter in matte black and red and ligne 2 s t dupont lighter in silver egm cigars

Left: Maxijet S.T. Dupont Lighter in Matte Black and Red, Right: Ligne 2 S.T. Dupont Lighter in Silver.

With summer showing us its true colours, we are getting prepared to enjoy Cuban Cigars appropriately this season. Are you still looking for the best Cuban cigars to smoke this summer? Head to our blog post, Best 5 Cigars to Smoke this Summer, and find out which are the cigars you need for this season. Find out more about the fascinating world of habanos from our up-to-date Cuban Cigar Blog: