Best 5 Cigars to Smoke This Summer

Best 5 Cigars to Smoke This Summer

For aficionados, finding the best Cuban Cigars for each season is as important as shifting from wool overcoats to linen pants for summer. It’s a small transition that somehow has a huge impact on someone’s everyday life. Nonetheless, whether you are an occasional smoker or an avid cigar enthusiast, deciding which Cuban Cigars Online to smoke this summer season can cause quite a headache. But don’t worry aficionados, we got you covered. In today’s post, we offer you the ultimate guide to the Best Cuban Cigars to smoke for this summer.


Montecristo No. 4

MONTECRISTO NO. 4 – Sometimes it’s not about experimentation but staying true to the all-time classics. That’s why the Montecristo No. 4 Cigar is on the top of our list. Coming in the much adored Marevas vitola, No. 4 measures at 129 mm in length by a ring gauge of 42. Although it’s a cigar mostly suitable for experienced smokers, if you want to truly step up your smoking game this summer, the Montecristo No.4 is the right smoke to help you do it.

la gloria cubana invictos

LA GLORIA CUBANA INVICTOS – We already knew that the Regional Editions for Italy never disappoint when it comes to draw, burnability, or flavours. However, the La Gloria Cubana Invictos (Ex. Italia 2018) Cigar exceeded all our expectations. Handmade using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba’s most prominent plantations, Invictos, although it stays true to the brand’s medium flavoured profile, is capable of producing plenty of distinctive yet very well-balanced aromas, atypical of La Gloria Cubana Cigars. 


buy laguito no 6 custom blend online from egm cigars

LAGUITO NO. 6 CUSTOM CIGAR – One of our favourites in our list of the best Cuban cigars to smoke this summer is the Laguito No. 6 EGM Custom Blend Cigar. Featuring the same vitola with currently the most expensive cigar in the world, the Cohiba Behike 56, Laguito No. 6 is one of the most iconic Cigars for Sale Online. Handmade by experienced torcedores using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba, we have personally supervised the creation of all Laguito No. 6 cigars and can assure you about their quality both in materials and manufacture.

buy juan lopez seleccion no 2 cigar online from egm cigars

JUAN LÓPEZ SELECCION NO. 2 – On the more affordable side, the Juan López Seleccion No. 2 Cigar is a great smoke to try this summer. Coming in a Robustos vitola that measures at 124 mm in length by a 50 ring gauge, the Seleccion No. 2 cigar delivers a complex and rich smoke. Beautifully presented inside a cedar wood box, the Juan López Seleccion No. 2 cigar can make the ideal gift for any cigar enthusiast this season.

buy cohiba robustos cigars online from egm cigars

COHIBA ROBUSTO – If you thought that we were going to conclude our list of the best Cuban cigars to smoke this summer without including at least one smoke from Cohiba Cigars, you were most definitely wrong. Made from naturally sourced tobacco leaves from Cuba’s most prominent farms, you can’t be considered a true cigar aficionado without having smoked a Cohiba Robusto Cigar at least once. Part of the brand’s Linea Clasica range, Robusto was first released back in 1989 and has remained a favourite amongst both expert and novice smokers ever since. Medium to full in flavours and with the characteristic Cohiba aromas, Robusto should be inside every smoker’s humidor this season.

Picking the right smokes for the summer should be all about exploring new flavours, aromas, and formats while still enjoying some of the classics. From the cigar beginner to the aficionado, our Cuban Cigar Shop offers a wide range of excellent Cuban sticks to satisfy every smoker’s needs. Want to read more about habanos? Here’s your chance to broaden your cigar horizons by reading more from our daily updates Cuban Cigar Blog.