The Story Behind Cohiba Cigars: The Most Famous Cuban Cigar in The World

The Story Behind Cohiba Cigars: The Most Famous Cuban Cigar in The World

 As we are sure you are aware, the Cuban Cigars industry has certainly faced some trials and tribulations over the past century. It wasn’t until after the Castro revolution, that we saw the rise of the most famous Cuban cigar brand in the world: Cohiba Cigars. But how did they rise from zero to hero? It was all thanks to Fidel Castro’s trusty bodyguard. Castro liked the aromatic sent that surrounded him, whilst his bodyguard was enjoying a smoke. After asking what brand this enticing cigar was made by, his bodyguard revealed it was no special brand. It was simply from a friend who makes his own cigars. This eventually led to Castro setting up the iconic El Laguito factory and began production, in 1966. And just like that… a star was born! Originally, Cohiba remained highly exclusive, with only Castro and high officials having access. In 1982, the world was finally let in on this elite brand.

cohiba sigolo IV ano del cerdo collage egm  

The Cohiba Siglo IV 8+8 Año Del Cerdo


 CUBAN CIGAR LIMITED EDITION PROGRAMME – Many aficionados will thank their lucky stars for the Cuban Cigar Limited Edition programme. It works with 3-5 cigars each year, from several houses. Giving smokers the exciting opportunity to experience new and unique forms, that are not usually produced by these brands. Prized by collectors, these cigars are aged in bales for 2 years; allowing for mature, well-balanced aromas. You should have a look at our range of limited edition Cuban Cigars Online. Cohiba kicked off 2019 with the launch of the Cohiba Siglo IV 8+8 Año Del Cerdo, paying tribute to the Year of the Pig.  With a 46 ring gauge and 143mm length, this cigar delivers a well-rounded smoke. This is just one of a number of Cohiba limited editions that have graced the Cuban cigar industry, so let’s take a look at the recent years of Cohiba successes.

cohiba majestuosos 1966 aniversario humidor egm 

The Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Aniversario Humidor


 50 YEARS OF SUCCESS – 2016 saw cause for celebration, as Cohiba’s 50th birthday arrived. They sure celebrated with a bang! Not only did they break Cuban cigar history with the first ever 60 ring gauge Havana, but they also bought out some rare steals for all you cigar connoisseurs. The Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Humidor is like nothing that has even been seen before, in any of the Habanos S.A range. This unique piece of craftsmanship was specially designed as a tribute to the brand’s triumphs. The piece is the embodiment of sophistication with softly curved edges and luxury gold embossment, paired with a 60s inspired gold key with tassel detailing. It’s sure to turn some heads. Now, we cannot forget to mention what occupies this extraordinary humidor. You can expect: handmade, full-bodied cigars. Containing carefully selected filler, binder and wrapper – providing distinct flavours. You still have your chance to get your hands on this collectible on our Cuban Cigar Shop.


 COHIBA TALISMÁN EDICIÓN LIMITADA – November 8th, 2017 was the launch of possibly one of the most acclaimed and controversial cigars of current times: The Cohiba Talismán. Aficionados, this smoke is different from most limited editions. Why you ask? All limited edition Cuban cigars are matured for 2 years. The Seco and Ligero leaves used in this blend are fermented even further, for added smoothness and a more well-balanced flavour! Rolled in the renowned El Laguito factory in Havana, this smoke has a 54 ring gauge and 154mm length. There are still single Cigars for Sale Online, don’t miss your chance of trying this special smokes!


 It cannot be disputed that Cohiba Cigars has made its mark on the industry. The history of the brand is certainly a tale to be told to all you aficionados. We shall see if their future is just as bright! Throw yourself into the world of cigars by checking out our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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