Top 5 Regional Edition Cigars to Smoke this Summer

Top 5 Regional Edition Cigars to Smoke this Summer

What can it be more satisfying than puffing a fine Cuban Cigar underneath the warm summer sun? We have the answer; nothing. Grab your favourite smokes and head to your favourite cigar terrace or garden to experience in full the pleasure of smoking outside this summer. In the past, we have discussed what are the best cigars to smoke outside this summer. However, with Edicion Regional releases taking over the cigar market slowly yet efficiently, in today's post, we provide you with our top 5 Regional Edition Cigars to smoke this summer. Keep on reading!


LA REINA - One of the latest regional editions, the El Rey del Mundo La Reina (Ex. GB 2018) is the first cigar to join our summer cigar list. La Reina comes in a Laguito No. 1 vitola that measures at 192 mm in length by a ring gauge of 38. This particular size can be characterised as legendary since a cigar of the same format was gifted to Fidel Castro, almost two decades ago. La Reina was manufactured at the popular El Laguito factory, home of Cohiba Cigars, and delivers a light to medium flavoured profile.

INVICTOS - This cigar worth all the hype that has been going around it. The La Gloria Cubana Invictos (Ex. Italia 2018) was instantly loved by aficionados, since its release a few months ago. This Robustos vitola was handmade using the finest quality tobacco leaves from Cuba's most prominent plantations from the Vuelta Abajo region. Diadema S.P.A., the official distributor of habanos for Italy, has commissioned 8,800 boxes, all of which containing a total of ten fine cigars.

el rey del mundo la reina ex gb 2018 cuban cigars and la gloria cubana invictos ex italia 2018 cuban cigars from egm cigars

Left: El Rey del Mundo La Reina (Ex. GB 2018) cigar, Right: La Gloria Cubana Invictos (Ex. Italia 2018) Cigar.


SERIE D NO. 5 - Spain is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And it's Regional Edition smoke can certainly reflect that. The La Gloria Cubana Serie D No. 5 (Ex. Espana 2017) Cigar features a Petit Robustos vitola that measures at 110 mm in length by a 50 ring gauge and is defined by a medium to full flavoured profile, yet packed with plenty of strong and deep aromas. The production number of Serie D No. 5 is limited to only 5,000 boxes, making this cigar a very limited and lucrative one.

HERMITAGE - The fourth instalment on our list is, of course, no other than the Ramon Allones Hermitage (Ex. Rusia 2017). A cigar that mostly speaks to experienced smokers, Hermitage is handmade using the finest tobacco leaves from Cuba's most prominent tobacco plantations. Although not much hype has been around this smoke, Hermitage is as good as any Regional Edition Cigars in our Cuban Cigar Shop.

CASANOVA - We saved the best for last again. La Flore de Cano Casanova (Ex. Italia 2016) is everything we need for this summer, if not more. Handmade by experienced torcedores from the finest quality tobacco leaves, Casanova is capable of producing a medium flavoured profile packed with plenty of enticing and strong aromas. The Casanova presents a mild vanilla sweetness to the whole of the cigar, which is complemented by the spicier tones, such as black pepper and Chinese five spice which will satisfy the smoker for an average of one hour and forty-five minutes.

la gloria cubana serie d no 5 cuban cigars and la flor de cano casanova cuban cigars egm cigars

Left: La Gloria Cubana Serie D No. 5 (Ex. Espana 2017) Cigar, Right: La Flor de Cano Casanova (Ex. Italia 2016) Cigar.

Whether you are an avid aficionado, an occasional smoker, or a cigar beginner, spoil yourself with any from the above Edicion Regional Cuban Cigars and make your warm summer evenings truly epic. Read more about the fascinating world of cigars from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog.