Travelling with Cigars: 5 Things You Should Consider

Travelling with Cigars: 5 Things You Should Consider

As cigar-lovers, we can't help bringing our beloved tobacco wherever we go. Whether it is going on a business trip, a holiday retreat or simply visiting a friend’s home - you will likely experience a situation where you would need to consider the logistics and practicality of bringing a Cuban cigar! There are actually a few essential things to consider when taking cigars as they tend to be more susceptible to damage while travelling! So, for less experienced smokers, or for those who haven’t travelled with cigars before, here are a few tips and advice if you decide to bring some stogies on-the-go.


Cigars are fragile and delicate, that is why we protect them in their humidors, right aficionados? They are sensitive to temperature, humidity and atmospheric changes that often shift throughout travels. Keep note; cigars are also very absorbent. This means that any aroma the cigar encounters will linger within the tobacco. You wouldn’t want your smoke to have hints of your smelly old socks, do you? So, be careful when handling and keeping cigars and avoid storage solutions that will negatively affect the flavour of your stogie.

EGM Custom Blends in a Cigar Case, in Pitti Uomo


Whether you’re stuffing it in your bag or your luggage, it is important to keep it safe and protected from the elements. By keeping it in a Cigar Case or travel humidor, you will be able to avoid 90% of the problems that come with travelling with cigars. Cigar cases can help keep the cigar cushioned, protected and keeps the storing environment stable. Some travel storage we recommend is the S.T. Dupont Triple Cigar Case, for smoking on-the-go or Cohiba 50 Aniversario Travel Humidor, to keep the tobacco safe in the luggage.



While packing, it is essential to consider where you are going to pack your cigars and Cigar Accessories. It is widely recommended that you keep your Cuban cigars in your carry-on, as checked baggage is susceptible to more intense atmospheric changes which can weaken the cigar and cause it to have cracks. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen to any of your pricey Cohiba Behike Cigars, do you? So take a reasonable amount with you in the cabin as the atmosphere is much more stable. However, if you do find that you are bringing more than you can carry, do make sure that the cigars in your checked baggage are securely stored. For other accessories like Cigar Lighters or Cigar Cutters, you are better off keeping it in your checked luggage, reducing the risk of it being confiscated from you in the airport.

S.T. Dupont Triple Cigar Case, and the Cohiba Travel Humidor.


Just because you are travelling does not mean you should neglect the moisture maintenance of your cigars! If anything, it becomes even more critical due to the fluctuation of the atmosphere. Invest in a Boveda Pack - just drop the packet into your chosen container, and it will maintain the humidity for you! But if you don’t have on, soak a piece of sponge or absorbent tissue and leave the cigars in a Ziploc bag - that should do a decent job.


Yes, we know some of you aficionados want to bring your whole Cigar Collection with you - but that just isn’t practical! You should try and pack just enough of what you need throughout your trip - don’t overpack. This takes up space, and is generally a waste of time and money trying to humidify and protect every single one of your cigars when they could be happy sitting back at home! Furthermore, you should consider the type of cigars you’re bringing. If you know you are going to be smoking for long periods, especially if you’re going to a Festival del Habano or Amigos de Partagas, then bring whatever cigar you want. But, if you know you’re tight on time, then you should consider cigars that have short smoking durations, so you get to finish it before you head off on your next activity. Great cigars we recommend are shorter-length cigars such as the Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar or the Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas.

We hope that these tips can help you next time you go travelling! Perhaps, you’re looking for some premium cigars to bring on your travels? Visit our Cuban Cigar Shop! And, for more exciting articles about Habanos, read the Cuban Cigar Blog: