Why You Should Pair Cigars with Champagne

Why You Should Pair Cigars with Champagne

Alcohol can surely enhance your smoking experience. In the past, we have talked about pairing Cuban Cigars with whiskey, rum, or spirits. However, when it comes to champagne, aficionados still have their guard up. Fear not though, cigar aficionado. Champagne can be as good a cigar pair as a ten-year-old single malt whiskey. In an attempt to clean up champagne's name and distinguish it as a worthy cigar pair, we take a look at what makes champagne an excellent match to many Cuban sticks.


HARMONY AND CONTRAST - As we have discussed before, cigar pairings are all about finding balance. But what finding balance actually means? In our conversation with Jasim Ahmed, Confessions of a Sommelier, Jasim shared with us that successful pairings revolve around two basic ideas - harmony and contrast. These two elements work together to form an experience better than you could ever possibly imagine. In a similar way, combining champagne with your Cohiba smokes should play between harmony and contract, power and control.

BUBBLY BEVERAGE - What differentiates champagne from its wine brothers is clearly its bubbly qualities. Although many will rush to disagree with us, sparkling wine adds something to the smoking experience that no other pair can do; and that is the feel of refresh and rejuvenation. While a white wine will fight with the savoury (known as umami) perspective of a Trinidad Topes Edicion Limitada 2016, champagne will manage to compliment it the best way possible.

trinidad topes edicion limitada 2016 cuban cigars and champagn egm cigars

Trinidad Topes Edicion Limitada 2016 Cigar and champagne pairing.


THE FEEL OF OPULENCE - Puffing a Cohiba Behike 52 is, if anything, the definition of luxury and opulence. But it's not just the Cigar's value or its rarity that determines that. What truly elevates the sophistication of the smoking ritual to the next level is the refined combination of many things, including your drink. And what other drink could possibly exude more opulence than a glass of Don Perignon Vintage? Pair it thoughtfully with a nice Vintage or aged cigar, like the Vintage Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar (SAL MAY '06) and guarantee the most pleasurable smoking experience ever.

cohiba behike 52 egm cigars

Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar.

With summer heating up London, champagne is the best pal to pair your Cuban cigars with. Before your indulge into this enticing match though, makes sure you got the right smokes from our Cuban Cigars Shop. Why don't you read more from our daily updated Cuban Cigar Blog for more insights about the world of habanos.