Meditation and Smoking Cigars: The Art of Relaxation

Meditation and Smoking Cigars: The Art of Relaxation


In today's world, where the clock is constantly ticking, people need to find a way to slow things down and relax, and for cigar-lovers it is the luxurious act of smoking a Cuban. It could be the fact that tobacco is a natural relaxant, or it could be how a smoking ritual is incredibly therapeutic. But, we believe that smoking Cuban cigars is a genuine form of meditation if you know how to keep the right mindset. 

DEFINING MINDFULNESS - Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Most of you have daily business to attend to, whether its work, meetings or events - therefore, it can become overwhelming to your mind, body and soul. The best way to resolve this, particularly for those who love tobacco, is by sitting down, puffing on a cigar and focusing on the present - and like magic, your worries start to fade away. Through meditation, you could reach a state of mind where everything seems impermanent, giving your mind the opportunity to become rational and allow you to forget all your stresses in life - even in if it's for a moment.

A SPIRITUAL ACT - Tobacco has been used across all different kinds of cultures for various reasons. Aside from pure enjoyment, smoking has been commonly used for spirituality. All across the planet, you can find churches, temples or any place of worship burning incense, myrrh and joss papers to release smoke as a form of spiritual practice. For Native Americans, they saw tobacco as a sacramental gift that can also be smoked as a form of prayer. Smoking tobacco was seen as a connection from the ground to the heavens, as the plant's roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the sky.  Therefore, it's no surprise that smoking Cuban cigars is an amazing way to meditate and become mindful amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. So, how could you maximise your experience? There are a number of ways in which you can become more mindful while smoking cigars.

A Cuban cigar lounge.


For many cigar smokers, it is easy to fire up a stogie and mindlessly smoke, but it can leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied by the end. By treating it as a dignified ritual, you will become more present and notice every little detail, providing much more satisfaction. We want to compare the smoking ritual to the likes of a Japanese tea ceremony. The Japanese call the ceremony 'ichigo' which refers to a 'moment, or encounter' where each participant wholly engages all their senses on the moment and experience it fully. Just like the Japanese tea ceremony, your cigar smoking ritual should be the same. Focus on every single step - Feel the smoothness of the wrapper, take a gentle whiff of all the aromas and taste every little note from the cigar. There is a quote by T'ien Yiheng, which says 'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world', and we would say that it also beautifully explains the pleasure of smoking cigars. So, when smoking - just smoke. Don't think about anything else, and focus on the moment at hand.


On the journey of becoming a mindful smoker, you should aim to be a free agent. This refers to an individual who's free from any commitment, avoiding any loyalty to certain flavours or Cuban Cigar Brands. We agree that every smoker is entitled to their own preferences, however, by being conservative you run the risk of mindlessly smoking. You should remember that 'Novelty keeps the mind awake'. So, by being open to trying different kinds of Unique Cigars, you will discover and learn the quirks of different brands and products. We suggest you try unique vitolas like the Cohiba Lanceros Cigar, or even cigars with a Maduro Wrapper like the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos.

Smoking a Sancho Panza Gran Quixote.


As well as being fully present, you should aim to assess and analyse every single detail of what you are smoking. Not only will this help your Cigar Tasting skills, but it will allow you to become a much more mindful smoker. Perhaps you can taste the chocolate notes of the Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar, or maybe the floral hints of the Partagas Serie P No. 2 Cigar. Remember, don't smoke for the supply of nicotine, but enjoy the blends that expert cigar makers have taken time to create. We believe that if you take the time to savour the flavour, you are making the most of your cigar investment.


Your mindset is extremely important while mindfully smoking, but what if we told you that your space is also equally important? Smoking cigars, throughout history, has always been a luxurious experience where the act and your environment contributes to the whole experience - but with the production of cigarettes, the whole process became streamlined, and there came the habit of smoking mindlessly. By cultivating your space, and furnishing it with the right paraphernalia, it can create a much more mindful smoking experience. We suggest you should aim to create your own cigar-friendly Man Cave; this means that you will have your own separate room, away from the kids and the spouse where you can have some time to yourself. Just like how someone might have a meditation or prayer room, you can have your own special cigar room. Decorate it with stylish Cigar Humidors to keep all your beloved Montecristo Cigars, or you can even purchase a Cohiba Classic Ashtray to add a unique accent to your table. 

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